Chapter 38
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 38

Chapter 38
Winstons Central Square!
It was originally crowded, but even more people were gathered today. The item making game between blacksmiths would occur here.
"I hope that Grid can win and protect Khans smithy. That smithy is the last pride that we have left."
"Thats right. If the smithy falls into the hands of the Mero Company, our place in Winston will completely disappear."
"Grid, have strength! You absolutely cant lose."
The hearts of the Winston residents gathered together. They prayed that Grid would win the game. However, the users attitudes were different. The result of the game had nothing to do with them.
"An item production game? There isnt anything else interesting, so why dont we watch for a while?"
"I dont have anything else to do. If it isnt fun, then we can just go. Somebody win~. The winner will be on this side~."
As a result, most users just thought of the game as slightly interesting.
"Hey, isnt it funny when you think about it? Blacksmiths making items, why are so many people going to watch it?"
"Yes. Its tedious to watch a blacksmith make items, not interesting. The item created will be epic at the most, so Im not even interested in the result."
"Where is an epic rated item? Its good if they could even make a rare rated item. I heard rumors that no famous blacksmiths are participating."
"What? Then what is the goal? Why should we care about the results? Hey, this is a waste of time, so lets just go hunting. Anyway, who cares about who owns the smithy?"
The users mocked the game as trivial and turned away.
After a while.
Once the participants of the game were revealed, the male users no longer thought of leaving.
"Now! Let me introduce the main characters of this match. From the Mero Company, Erina! And Khans successor, Grid!"
The eyes of the male users widened as they saw the blonde girl climbing onto the stage and they started cheering.
"Wow. Really pretty!"
"Is this love at first sight?"
"My ideal type..."
The blonde girl was wearing a hat. However, she showed off a beauty that couldnt be hidden, even with her face not completely exposed. Her mouth was especially attractive. The male users, who werent interested in the result of the game originally, became her avid supporters the moment they saw her.
"Erina. I will cheer for you."
"Erina, please win~."
"Erina! Erina! Erina!"
The male fan club formed in an instant. Erina, or Euphemina, shrugged as she watched their sky-piercing cheers and waved her hand gracefully.
"Thank you for your support."
She smiled softly, making her seem like a goddess to the men. It was reminiscent of the reaction of soldiers towards the visit of girl group idols.
Grid sucked in a deep breath at the sight.
Is it my turn next?
The male users were rooting for the female contestant. Then it was natural for the female users to support and cheer on the male contestant. Grid smiled and followed Eupheminas actions by waving towards the female users in the audience.
Grid expected the cheers of female users. But their reaction was much different than expected.
"What is that guy doing? Uhh, I feel bad."
"The bread that I ate a while ago feels like its coming back up..."
"He looks really horrible..."
The reactions from the female users were the worst!

More than anything else, I am 20 years old!
Thats right. Euphemina wasnt a young girl. She looked younger than her age, but she was already an adult. Being called a kid was touching on Euphemias sore spot, since she had a complex about her height.
I will disgrace you in front of all these people!
Euphemina decided as she was filled with anger. She smiled coldly. Then she glanced at Grid and asked.
"Since you dont realize my charm, are you gay? Okay. I will make you feel bitter about Mother Nature making you gay. Lets see who will make the better item. But Im going to win."
"W-What? Gay? I am gay? What the hell are you saying? This unlucky brat! Im not gay!" Grid shouted indignantly.
Euphemina heard another shock as she heard the word unlucky. She never imagined the day would come when she would hear this from a man.
"U-Unlucky? Me? A trash-like man will never be able to match me!"
Grid was the one who insulted her first. From Eupheminas point of view, Grid seemed like a madman. Euphemina couldnt cope with the shame and tearfully shouted. "I want to say goodbye to you as quickly as possible! Start the game now!"
"Okay, lets get started. I dont care about this one-sided cheering. I will make you fail today!"
The host didnt announce the start of the game but Grid already placed iron ore inside the burning furnace. Euphemina experienced making items in the past so she also started smelting the metal.
A huge momentum rose from the two angry people. The temperature of the furnace rose rapidly.
The host shouted.
"The two people have started the game. I will notify the crowd! This time, the theme is to make a dagger. The one who produces the better quality dagger within the time limit will be the victor!"
Daggers were items that could be made relatively quickly. It was good to spend a long time to create a real masterpiece, but skilled blacksmiths could complete a good dagger in two hours. The time limit of this game was three hours.
"Erina, fight!"
The number of users continued to increase as they heard the turmoil, causing Eupheminas fans to multiply as rapidly as a cancer cell. The cheers of the Winston residents were completely buried by their shouts, so Grid seemed to be fighting alone behind enemy lines.
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