Chapter 36
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 36

Chapter 36
As soon as I opened my eyes the next morning, I connected to Satisfy and headed into the smithy. Khan was waiting for me and I immediately complained to him.
"Why did you leave such a task to a stranger like Huroi? Am I worse than him? Huh? You shouldve left it to me!"
Khan looked like he didnt know what I was talking about, before making a belated expression of understanding. "Are you talking about the mission to tell Earl Steim about Winston?"
Huhu, Khan gave a hearty laugh and explained.
"You are definitely a great young man. Despite your young age, you have great abilities and a sense of justice and sacrifice..."
What was he saying?
"Arent you willing to take a big risk for the residents of Winston that you have no ties with?"
"Eh? That wasnt what I intended..."
"You dont have to say anything. You are too modest."
Khan misjudged me and turned me into an incredibly good guy! I had nothing to say, then Khan placed a hand on my shoulder.
"I know that you are worried for Winstons residents, but how can I put you at risk? You are already precious to me, just like a son. I cant ask you to do something so dangerous."
Khans eyes were warm.
"The Mero Company knows that you are close to me, so there will be a thorough surveillance. The Mero Company wont stay still if they see you make any movements to leave Winston. I wont be able to stand the grief if you get hurt by them."
Khan sincerely cherished me. My heart thumped. I felt bad for misunderstanding Khan.
"Khan... I didnt know your heart and thought you didnt trust me."
"How can that be? I trust you more than anyone else. Isnt that why Im leaving the fate of the smithy to you?"
I listened to him. I had no reason to doubt Khan in the first place. I felt ashamed while Khan spoke in a spirited tone, "You have to focus on the game! Show the Mero Company!"
"The date is decided?"
"Thats right. It is in two days. We have to hone your skills! Lets surprise everyone by polishing the legendary blacksmith skills that you have inherited!"
Okay! My motivation shot upwards.
"I understand. I will win the game!"
"Good spirit! I might not have the techniques but the experience Ive accumulated in my life will be a great help to you! I will do my best to help!"
From that day on, Khan and I raised my training. I repeated the production techniques, causing my skills to become more proficient and polished. I thoroughly learned about efficient movements and reduced any unnecessary movements.
My probability of making rare and epic items increased slightly.
[A rare rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +2 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +30.
[An epic rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +4 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +80.
[Your persistence has risen.]
[Your dexterity has risen.]
It was also fun to raise my persistence and dexterity stats. But there was one drawback. It was the limitation in the materials.
Khan was totally broke and I was saving money, so I couldnt obtain premium production materials. I only used the materials piled up in Khans warehouse, but most of the materials were inferior. Khan couldnt get good ingredients because he was impeded by the Mero Company. Therefore, I couldnt produce high-performance items.

If I invest all my stat points in dexterity, will my production skill rise significantly? Obviously, there would be a huge effect. But if I concentrate too much on only one stat, I will regret it later.
I had to think carefully.
I put a lot of points into strength and agility the other day, so I dont have to raise them anymore. I am currently lacking stamina, so wouldnt it be nice to raise it? When dealing with strong enemies like the gangsters, it is better to have high vitality and defense.
I decided to start distributing my stat points.
[You have invested 60 points in stamina. Is this correct?]
[Once the points are invested, it cant be reversed. Do you want to proceed?]
[You have invested 70 points in dexterity. Is this correct?]
[Once the points are invested, it cant be reversed. Do you want to proceed?]
"Stop asking me and just do it. Status window!"
Name: Grid
Level: 21 (5,350/16,700)
Class: Pagmas Descendant
* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.
* The probably of item enhancement will increase.
* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally. However, there is a penalty depending on the rating of the item.
Title: One who Became a Legend
* Abnormal conditions dont work well on you.
* You wont die when health is at the minimum.
* Easily acknowledged.
Health: 1,536/1,536 Mana: 177/177
Strength: 104 Stamina: 112 Agility: 96 Intelligence: 59
Dexterity: 169 Persistence: 60
Composure: 44 Indomitable: 50 Dignity: 44 Insight: 44
Stat Points: 0
Weight: 842/3,080
I shook with joy. Anybody would be shocked if they could see my status window. How could a level 21 character have such stats? If I simply calculated the sum of all my stats, I was already beyond level 75.
Strength, stamina, agility, and intelligence. If I only calculated these basic stats, it was close to level 40!
Now that I see it, isnt a production class great for stats?
The benefit of raising all stats every time a higher grade item was made was common to all production-related classes, not just blacksmiths. Those who took advantage of this could overcome the disadvantage of production based jobs. Their insufficient combat skills could be supplemented with high stats. Of course, a large amount of labor was needed!
"I accept that labor is my life. My body is meant for labor! I will show you the power of labor."
I swallowed bread and immersed myself in item production again. I didnt lose any concentration until the day of the competition. As my character grew, I felt the same mental growth.
[A rare rated item was produced, so all stats have permanently risen by +2 and reputation throughout the continent has risen by +30.]
I felt a pleasure that had never been felt when hunting and doing quests as a warrior.
"W-What...? Am I dreaming right now? You, how have you improved your skills in such a short time?"
Khan was shocked. I couldnt reply that my rapid growth is from raising my dexterity stat so I just said,
"Im not your average genius."
Khan was thrilled.
"Yes, yes! I forgot that you are Pagmas Descendant. Huhu, I have a relationship with a legend who was born again. I will have no regrets after dying. Good! Shall I try harder?"
In reality, it was raining continuously. So I always connected to Satisfy except when it was time to sleep. Thus, my growth was steady until the day of the competition.

[Swirling Frenzy]
Lv. 3
Creates a vortex that deals 1,530~2,380 damage per second for five seconds. The agility of the target caught in the vortex will decrease by 80%.
Skill Mana Cost: 700
Skill Cooldown Time: 300 seconds
The blonde girls name was Euphemina. Her class was Duplicator.
As a Duplicator, she used Skill Observation and Skill Duplication to instantly analyze and copy a skill used by the target. Whatever skill she copied, she could use it only once whenever she wanted.
There were disadvantages such as the usage frequency of Skill Duplication is limited to three times a day. However, it was still a fraudulent skill despite the disadvantages.
I can get Piaro with this.
Euphemina left the men showing off their skills at the dungeon behind. Then she moved quickly and arrived at Kesan Canyon.
"I found it."
After finding a small cave at the end of the canyon, Euphemina read the contents of the quest once again in order to prepare her mind before entering.
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