Chapter 35
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 35

Chapter 35
"He has a legendary class, yet hes only level 21? How can he play the game like this? Amazing. His ability to not level up is truly amazing. Its a wonder that he gained the class quest."
Yoon Sangmin didnt like Shin Youngwoo. Shin Youngwoos game history confirmed that he was a young man with no talent at playing the game. Taking the legendary class, wasnt it like a swine obtaining a pearl? Yoon Sangmin thought it was a waste of a legendary class.
He is a person who will never become a ranker in his entire life. Thanks to his interruption, a large amount of content regarding the legendary class is consumed. Now hes about to consume another large game content...
Director Yoon Sangmin was sure of it.
Poison. This person is a deadly poison to Satisfy. Before he does more harm, we have to stop his account forever.
But Director Yoon Sangmin didnt have the authority to manage user accounts. He had no choice but to keep his thoughts to himself. Yoon Sangmin inwardly cursed Shin Youngwoo, then he asked Yoon Nahee with a serious face.
"By the way, why does the quest only have a 9% chance of succeeding? There is a 9% chance of this person rescuing Allunbatar? Nonsense. Isnt it more likely to be a 0% chance?"
The other executives agreed.
"This figure is obviously wrong."
"Thats right. Im sure that the supercomputer Morpheus is infected with a virus."
This quest was a failure. There was no way that a level 21 user could rescue Allunbatar. The aggressive publicity campaign was finished. Everyone thought so and was sad.
But in the midst of this, only Lim Cheolho was happy.
The protagonist of three big events in succession... Since becoming a legendary class, he made epic rated arrows and received the class quest, so I am somehow feeling expectant towards this young man.
To put it bluntly, it was an incompetence so beyond common sense that it was difficult to predict. Shin Youngwoo was fun to watch because he caused many variables.
Lim Cheolho was happy, regardless of the quest results. The other executives, including Park Eunhyuk and Yoon Sangmin, were upset.
I met Khan earlier than Huroi. I protected Khans smithy and paid for his medical treatment. I was a great benefactor to Khan.
On the other hand, who was Huroi? He only spoke a few words to Khan.
"Then why?"
Why did Khan give him the huge For the Residents of Winston quest? Meanwhile, I received a quest that would only give me 600 gold.
Isnt it normal to give me all the quests?
If Khan was an NPC who knew how to repay favours, he wouldve passed all his quests to me. But he was an ungrateful NPC.
"Khan should repay the favor.. No, is he crazy? Anyway, I need to think about the contents of the story. If I want NPCs to listen to me, do I have to act better in the future?"
The more I thought about it, the worse I felt. For the Residents of Winston was a massive quest that would control Winstons fate. It was natural for Khan to give it to the person he trusted most.
But his choice was Huroi! It meant I was worse than someone Khan had never met before!
"Why is a dog who rolled out from nowhere more credible than me...? Ugh!"
I was at a street stall near my house. I lamented about my life while pouring a shot of bitter shochu into my mouth. (Shochu is a Japanese alcoholic drink.)
My limit was originally one and a half bottles of shochu, but I was so disappointed in Khan and jealous of the jerk that I drank too much.

"...Dont most people act like this?"
"That...you arent aware of the world. Do you know how many immoral people there are these days? People like me are rare!"
"R-Really? I understand. I understand already, so you should go home. You are drunk."
"Uhuh! Ajumma! Do you know how bleak my heart is? You should pack some fish soup for a young man who is nice enough to pay the 1,000 won in this chilly weather."
The middle-aged woman returned to her stall without saying anything else. I waited for her to come out again with fish soup, but she didnt return after 5, then 10 minutes.
"Haha... Once again, I have been betrayed. Both NPCs and people betray my faith!"
Yes, this was a bitter world. I went back home while realizing that I was alone in this world.
"You should contact me if you are returning late! Do you know what time it is now?"
It was one in the morning. As soon as I returned home, I was disturbed by Sehee who was watching TV in the living room.
"Have you been drinking until now? Oppa doesnt have a girlfriend or friends. Then why? Dont tell me you were drinking alone? Arent you embarrassed?"
"...Hey, you have school tomorrow, so why arent you asleep yet?"
"I was worried when a person who only spends time at work or in his capsule suddenly disappears... No, it is strange!"
"Eh? Are you concerned about me? So you waited up to this time?"
"What? Who was waiting? I-I was just watching a fun TV program and couldnt go sleep."
"Then why are you so mad? You face is red as well. What did I do wrong?"
"W-whose face is red? That is ridiculous. Im going to sleep now!"
Sehee turned and entered her room.
"Phew, teenage girls are really difficult."
Sehees loud voice had broken my drunken haze. I once again became mad about missing out on the For the Residents of Winston quest.
"Damn, Im going to sleep quickly."
Then Sehee left her room again. She approached me and started nagging. "You should brush your teeth and scrub your feet. You are drunk, so dont take a shower. Well, I never expected you to take a shower because youre not the type to shower every day."
"...Arent you sleeping?"
"I am going to drink some water before sleeping."
"Then go and drink water. Good night."
Sehee headed towards the kitchen while I went into the bathroom.
"Im not a child who needs to brush their teeth more than once a day."
In rare cases, I did it three times a day. I stopped trying to place toothpaste on my toothbrush. I drank so much that my eyes kept closing.
"I wont die if I dont brush for a day..."
In the end, I just washed my hands and left the bathroom. Then I went straight to my room. Sehee sounded like she was screaming outside my room, but I didnt worry about it and went to sleep.
The day was over.
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