Chapter 34
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 34

Chapter 34
11:33 p.m.
Lim Cheolho, the head of Satisfys development team and of the S.A. Group, was working all night. Satisfy was a game with over two billion users, so there were always countless variables. Satisfys overall flow, whether small or large, depended on what each of the two billion users were doing. The system was impossible to maintain if errors kept occurring.
Lim Cheolho was always enthusiastic about building a complete system.
I cant allow even a single error.
He had unmatched concentration whenever he focused on his work and only heard his ringtone after 40 seconds or more. It was a call from the operations team.
"Whats going on?"
(Quest B408 has been triggered. Please authorize the convening of an emergency meeting).
Lim Cheolhos mind revolved and then recalled the information about B408.
B408. It was a codename for S-grade hidden quests that needed special conditions to be fulfilled.
The compensation for Quest B408 is a second class?
The user who cleared B408 would be able to obtain another class. In Satisfy, they might be the first user to have two classes. But the more rewarding the quest was, the more difficult it would be.
In particular, the content of Quest B408 was very unique, as the user had to be trapped in an enclosed space for 200 hours of Satisfy time. It had a direct impact on the real world, since the user who performed the quest was at a great risk of suffering serious psychological damage. One of the reasons why the clause the S.A Group has permission to view users personal information was created was due to quests like B408.
"I give permission. I will go as well."
Lim Cheolho immediately stopped working and headed towards the conference room. He arrived in the meeting room and looked at the documents. It contained information about the user who triggered the quest.
"Amazing. A Mongolian person."
Originally, Mongolia was the worlds 10th richest country when it came to resources but lacked the technology to find and use those resources. But after breaking away from communism, the Mongolian government established diplomatic ties with many countries and actively attracted foreign direct investment (FDI).
Since then, numerous governments and companies advanced into Mongolia, including both the Korean government and Korean companies. They called Mongolia the land of opportunity and made investments. There was a huge inflow of foreign capital into Mongolia.
However, once Mongolias regime changed in the 2010s, the FDIs started to slow down due to the rapid change in policy. After many years, the regime changed once again and the Mongolian officials tried to induce the FDIs again, but many had already lost confidence in Mongolia. In the end, the Mongolian governments plans didnt proceed as planned and Mongolia remained a developing country until the 2030s.
But now it was different. Mongolias FDIs were revitalized as the worlds economy boomed, thanks to rapid technological development in the 2040s. The Mongolian government cooperated, and through some successful processes, the nation stepped into the ranks of the developed countries.
But despite this, the nomadic temperament of Mongolia didnt change. The vast majority of the Mongol people couldnt adapt to the new benefits and still wanted to wander the grasslands. As a result, Mongolia became one of the countries with the smallest number of Satisfy members.

"The major media companies in each country, especially the Mongolian media companies, will definitely jump on the news. If the press builds Allunbatar into a huge person, the Mongolian pride will be triggered and the PR effect will be maximized."
Most of the executives were favorable towards this idea. However, a small number of them didnt like it.
"Is there any guarantee that Allunbatar will succeed in the quest? What will happen if we make the whole world pay attention to this quest, only for it to fail?"
Yoon Sangmin, who just finished brushing his hair, shook his head.
"It doesnt matter if the quest is successful or not. Even if it fails, the fact that he is the first user to acquire an S-grade hidden quest will make Allunbatar stand out. Still, it would be preferred if the quest were successful. Unless there is a problem with Allunbatars personality and he logs out, it should be a success. Team Leader Yoon Nahee, have you analyzed the chances of Allunbatars quest succeeding?"
Once Yoon Nahee replied, her team members handed the executives a new piece of paper. The Mongolian branch executives also received the document through email. After a while, the executives read the contents of the paper and frowned.
"What is this? The probability of success is only 9%?"
Director Yoon Sangmin was shocked. "W-What is this?"
Yoon Sangmin couldnt accept this response.
"Doesnt Quest B408 involve being rescued by a hidden NPC? Allunbatars health condition is also very good. If we protect Allunbatar on the outside, it is unlikely for him to log out. If Allunbatar doesnt log out, he will be rescued by the hidden NPC and will clear the quest. So why is the success rate so low? Ive predicted at least an 80% success rate."
"Well..." The moment that Yoon Nahee tried to explain.
The silent Lim Cheolho suddenly burst out laughing? Everyone looked at Lim Cheolho in shock.
Tsk tsk tsk. Lim Cheolho clicked his tongue and stated, "Your nature is too frantic. Shouldnt you read the document first before asking the question?"
The executives read the document carefully at Lim Cheolhos words and were shocked at its contents. Yoon Sangmin nervously crumbled up the piece of paper and muttered,
"Again... this person..."
The normal scenario for Quest B408 was like this:
A user with high reputation would build up affinity to the maximum with the Winston residents. In the process of building affinity, the user would learn about the wickedness of Winstons lord and the Mero Company. At this time, the user would be assimilated with the Winston residents and sincerely resent the Mero Company and the lord. The residents of Winston would detect this and give the user a quest called For the Residents of Winston.
Once the user accepted the quest, the story would begin in earnest. The user would try to meet Earl Steim, but they couldnt go against the powers of Winstons lord and the Mero Company. The user would be caught and eventually imprisoned in the dungeon.
At this point, the quest would change from For the Residents of Winston to Wait. If the user were to accept this quest, the Mysterious Apostle of Justice NPC, who would be hiding in Winston due to special circumstances, would rescue the user after 200 hours.
In this case, the user would establish a relationship with the Mysterious Apostle of Justice and find out their identity. Then the user would go on a journey to help the mysterious NPC. Once the user performed all the linked quests, they would receive rewards beyond imagination.
However, a variable meant that the quest didnt flow along the scheduled scenario. The variable was that Allunbatar shared the quest information with another user. The planned Mysterious Apostle of Justice NPC became obsolete, and the related quests to the NPC also disappeared.
The news that Allunbatar was confined in the dungeon after failing the quest would be passed onto the user whom he shared the quest information with, not the Mysterious Apostle of Justice. But that user turned out to be...
Exactly 12 days ago, the Korean user who obtained a legendary class by chance. Right, it was Shin Youngwoo.
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