Chapter 30
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 30

Chapter 30
I felt like I was being ignored as I saw my mothers reaction. I felt bad and questioned my mother,
"Mother, why are you laughing? Why are you laughing when I said that I could have a girlfriend?"
My mother couldnt stop laughing,
"Hohohoho~! Its funny when a kid whos lived for 26 years and never got a girlfriend speaks so proudly. You are my child, but you are really amazing! My be.lly hu.rt.s. Hohohohohoho~!"
This was obviously ignorance. Was there another son in the world who would be so ignorantly ignored by his mother? As I wobbled away in shock, my father backed my mother up instead of scolding her.
"Son, please make sure to have a girlfriend by next year. Shouldnt you be prepared? No, think about other things first. Shouldnt you pay off your debt first? What type of woman would want to date you when you are like this? No matter how confident you are, it isnt easy. Do you think a meager man like you can instill confidence in your lover? Just give up on having a girlfriend for a while."
This was also obviously ignorance. This was a morning where I felt better than ever! My heart, which was in the best condition, crumbled at my parents words.
"Both of you are too much! There is a reason why I havent had a girlfriend yet! My debt isnt a problem. You two are the ones who made me like this!"
I poured out the words that I had buried in my heart.
"I dont have a lover because of Mother and Father! If you two had made me like a movie star, I would be able to get a girlfriend. Dammit. The two of you made me ugly, so the girls dont care about me."
"Gosh, are you blaming us for being born this way? Look at your sister. She came out from the same belly as you, but she is so beautiful. Did you know that you were also born beautiful like Sehee?"
"People arent all about appearance...it is also about personality. Tsk tsk, the more I look, the more pathetic you are."
I was being humiliated like this in the morning! Serious doubts revolved around my head.
Was I adopted as a child?
Maybe my parents arent actually my parents.
My parents said I was a beautiful baby, but are they really my parents...? Am I just a kid they picked up?
The two people who raised me for 26 years werent actually my parents! Then what about my real parents? Where were my parents?
...No, what was I doing now? It was almost time to go work. I couldnt afford to play around like this. I calmed down. Then I sat down at the table and turned to my father, changing the topic.
"Father, how is Grandfather these days? Is he healthy as always?"
"Huh? Why are you suddenly asking about your grandfather?"
"There is an old NPC blacksmith in the game, and he reminded me of Grandfather. So I suddenly remembered Grandfather."
...Would he become angry again after hearing about the game? No, maybe he would beat me up...
"You just suddenly thought about him." My father said in a flat voice. "Then you should come along with I go to visit your grandfather next month. Do you know how sorry you should be for not visiting your grandfather for one year?"
My family had been visiting my grandparents house every holiday since seven years ago. Seven years ago, my grandmother died and it was an attempt to soothe my grandfathers loneliness. Mother and Father tried to persuade my grandfather to stay with us, but he firmly rejected. Perhaps he thought he would be a burden.

"In other words, I am the bad one? Bah! The residents of Winston are still criticizing all the work I have done."
"Dont look at the backs of people. You will succeed by following the money. My master had that type of strategy. But my opinion is a little different. It is important to catch the hearts of the people. Then the money will come naturally. People grateful to the Mero Company will develop into loyal customers."
"You...!" Valmont looked at Rabbit in a menacing manner. "Dont try to teach me! Do I look like a child to you? You just have to do what I tell you to. And what is with this bullshit? Get to the point! Why did you make such a lousy bet with Khan?"
This is the limit of Valmont. It will be difficult to grow the Mero Company any further.
The reason why the Mero Company could grow this big was because Valmont, when he was still young, had listened to Rabbits advice and operated the business. But now Valmont was filled with arrogance and egotism, and he didnt listen to Rabbits advice anymore.
Once this business finishes, I need to leave.
Rabbit made his decision and decided to explain his intentions to Valmont.
"Khans position in Winston is very high. There are many people who consider him the hero who resists the Mero Company. In these circumstances, if the Mero Company takes Khans smithy in a nasty manner, the anger of the residents will go out of control and will likely lead to a rebellion. The residents will work as a group to hinder the Mero Company, ultimately dealing harm to it."
Valmont started to listen.
Rabbit continued the explanation.
"I am confident that I can reform the companys image through this game. Why did they give a chance to Khan, when they can just take his smithy? The residents will start feeling this suspicion. Then I will advertise that we recognized Khans skill and want to give him a chance. This suggests that the Mero Company can be a friend rather than an enemy. Then the populations perception of the company will change drastically. They will think that the Mero Company doesnt only move for money, that is also cares for people."
"...So we will gain loyal customers?"
Valmont still wasnt convinced. But he didnt feel the need to stop something that had already been started. In the end, Valmont decided to support Rabbit.
"If you hire an excellent blacksmith then we can win right?"
"Of course."
"In addition, the opponent isnt Khan?"
"According to my research, he is a young man whose reputation is so poor that it is doubtful he is even a blacksmith."
"Okay. Hire the best blacksmith. Dont worry about the money."
Valmont was insufficient in many ways, but a positive was that he was quick to make decisions. If he had no positive aspects, how could he become the master of a giant company in the first place?
Rabbit smiled with satisfaction. "I have already found a person."
No matter how bad Khans condition was, he wasnt stupid enough to entrust it to an unskilled person. So Rabbit wanted to watch out for the young man called Grid. But when Rabbit met Grid, he saw that Grid had no experience. It was a person he couldnt feel alert against.
Rabbit was convinced that if he chose a suitable blacksmith, they wouldnt lose the game.
I cant be careless.
But Rabbit had a cautious nature. He tried to get the best results every time. So he would be vigilant this time. He was going to hire the best blacksmith.
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