Chapter 27
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 27

Chapter 27
I naturally hummed a song, and as soon as I got out of the capsule, I sat on the toilet seat.
I then headed to the kitchen and drank cold water.
I lay back on the couch and watched TV. The humming didnt stop, and laughter even started to emerge. I was so happy! Thanks to the hidden quest, I obtained a combat buff skill and cleared the quest safely, opening the path to a linked quest. I also gained a lot of levels in a short amount of time.
"I killed a few gangsters and got to level 21, isnt this a really big jackpot? Why is my luck so good these days?"
Hidden quests werent easily obtained. This was the first time in my one year of playing Satisfy. Among the billions of people currently playing Satisfy, only a handful wouldve obtained a hidden quest.
Many things had gone well since I became Pagmas Descendant. It really was an incredible class.
"There was a reason for my misfortune. It was a divine revelation after years of enduring misfortune. Ahahahahat~!"
What type of quest would Blacksmith Khan give me? And the reward? Maybe the enormous reward would be a unique item that I could use for a while...
If so!
"I can become a billionaire! Kuahahaha!"
The performance of Dainsleif and Valhalla was almost the same as the unique rated Failure that I designed. However, since the usage conditions were very normal, it was possible to have an astronomical value when dealing with users.
They are items that remind me of why Failure is a failure.
Albatino was a great blacksmith. He was probably the blacksmith who gave inspiration to Pagma...
"Such a great person wasnt a legendary blacksmith, while I stumbled across the legendary blacksmith class during a quest... Well, this is the world."
I once again felt gratitude towards the legendary class that I obtained.
"Hrmm." I gazed at my watch with a yawn and saw that it had been two hours since I left the capsule. "Eight hours have passed in the world of Satisfy. Wont Khan wake up soon?"
According to the doctor, Khans health was severe to excessive drinking and stress. But if I followed the quest story, Khan would overcome the alcoholism and his health would be restored. So I didnt have to worry about it.
I connected to Satisfy.
"Log in."
My vision darkened before giving way to a warm light as I opened both eyes.
"...This is the clinic."
The last place I logged out of was the clinic where Khan was hospitalized. I immediately went to find the doctor called Simon.
"What is the old mans status?"
Simon smiled kindly.
"I thought it was dangerous because of the sudden increase in blood pressure in his weakened state. However, his condition is better than expected. He can soon be discharged from the hospital. God has blessed him..."
"Im glad to hear that."
"He will be healthier if he stays away from drinking in the future."
I headed to Khans room with Simon. After a while, Khan smiled as he saw me. "Ohh, welcome. I owe a lot to you."
I responded with a smile, "Those in difficult circumstances should help each other. Now, you can leave the hospital. You just need to pay for the treatment fee."
Why wasnt Khan answering? I couldnt help feeling uncomfortable. Then Khans words were like a lightning bolt from the clear sky.
"Im sorry... I currently dont..."

"These are treasures that my ancestor, Albatino dedicated his soul to. The treasures of his soul cant be handled by his descendant. I am obliged to keep these heirlooms until the day I die. But theres an exception."
Khan was Albatinos descendant? He couldnt fake his blood. Did that mean he would display advanced blacksmith skills once his alcohol addiction was healed? And what was the exception?
"What is the exception?"
Khans gaze became serious. "There is something I want to ask you. How were you able to use the treasures? And how did you know its value at a glance?"
Khan explained.
"Dainsleif and Valhalla are unlucky battle gear. Their performance transcends imagination, but due to the usage requirements, it has been hundreds of years since an owner showed up. No hero could use them. Its been like that for the past few centuries. Due to that, they have disappeared in the history records. Now no one knows about their existence."
Khan and I went upstairs. We stood facing Dainsleif and Valhalla.
Khan touched them and beckoned.
"I am sad since I want the world to know the value of Dainsleif and Valhalla. So I placed it in this prominent place. But in order to fully understand such an extremely good work, the person needs the same level of insight as the creator. Despite having displayed it for decades, no one has understood its value."
Khan faced me.
"Then you showed up here."
The long story began.
"There is a legend that is passed down in my family. Around 130 years ago, a man called Pagma came here. He found Dainsleif and Valhalla accumulated dust in a corner of the store. He saw it at first glance. The value of Dainsleif and Valhalla..."
Khans eyes flashed.
"Pagma admired the work of Dainsleif and Valhalla. It is said that he showed off his swordsmanship wearing Dainsleif, which has never been used by any hero. The beauty of it was unbelievable, and the swordsmanship seemed to pierce the sky, creating lightning."
I was amazed. An absurd but exciting fairy tale! Did he read the interest in my eyes?
Khan became more immersed in the story. "My ancestor, who witnessed the swordsmanship, fell to his knees in front of Pagma and begged. Please take Dainsleif and Valhalla. That would be what my ancestor wanted."
"Ohh! It became bigger! So? Did Pagma agree?"
"No. If Pagma agreed then Dainsleif and Valhalla wouldnt be here right now. This was Pagmas reply. These works are filled with Albatinos soul. I will refuse because they are so powerful, they shouldnt be wasted on a small bowl like myself. Pagma was obstinate and my ancestor finally had to give up."
I really didnt understand the man called Pagma. No, why would he refuse something that was free? I would accept and sell them.
Ah, Pagma mustve been a really rich person. So he wasnt greedy.
My story continued while I was thinking this.
"Pagma said this before he left here. There are currently no heroes who can handle this armor. However, when the time comes, many heroes will emerge and all of them will be qualified to become masters of that armor."
I interpreted Pagmas words. The many heroes he spoke of referred to the users. The growth of users was fast and infinite. There would soon be rankers who could use Dainsleif and Valhalla.
I dont want the items to be taken by them.
I asked Khan straight away. "So what is the reason for the lengthy explanation?"

Khan replied without hesitation. "I want to know your identity."
"Do you think I am one of the heroes that Pagma talked about?"
"Thats right. Didnt I say there was an exception? If you can prove that you are the hero Pagma talked about, I am willing to give you Dainsleif and Valhalla."
There were strong expectations in Khans eyes.
I couldnt know. The link with an ancient quest was approaching.
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