Chapter 26
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 26

Chapter 26
I felt like a mountain after equipping the gold armor. With the giant sword in my hand, I felt brave enough to even cut at a dragon.
The gangsters were swinging their weapons. There was no need for evasion.
Kwang! Kwajajak!
[The enemys damage has been neutralized.]
The enemies attacks had a good momentum, but they couldnt even deal a small scratch to my armor. My body didnt feel any slight fluctuations. Rather, the weapons of the gangsters were damaged.
"What is this...?"
The gangsters lived in the lawless world so their warning instincts were unsurpassed. At this moment, the gangsters felt despair.
"T-This is ridiculous...!"
I grinned in a devilish manner at the confused gangsters. "Have you heard of the item effect?"
Drugs? Skill? I didnt need to rely on such things from the beginning. There were all types of battle gear piled up in the smithy, and as Pagmas Descendant, I could use all of it!
I grabbed the handle of the greatsword with both hands and tightened my waist as much as possible before lifting it up with all of my strength. I didnt need to use any techniques. I used just the momentum of the greatsword to wreak havoc to anything in its path.
There was a refreshing feeling in my chest as the sword cut through the enemies. With one strike, the bodies of the gangsters turned into grey light.
[You have defeated Winstons outlaw, Praga.]
[Reputation in Winston Village has increased by 60.]
[4,300 experience has been acquired.]
[You have defeated Winstons outlaw, Um.]
[Reputation in Winston Village has increased by 60.]
[4,300 experience has been acquired.]
[You have defeated Winstons outlaw, Veil.]
[Reputation in Winston Village has increased by 100.]
[6,600 experience has been acquired.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Your level has risen.]
[Quest success!]
[Affinity with Khan has risen to the maximum.]
The tremendous rewarding sentences that kept appearing. I didnt take the time to enjoy the pleasure.
"This weapon and armor..."
I immediately used the Legendary Blacksmiths Appraisal skill.
[The blacksmith who becomes a legend that appraises items with an excellent discerning eye. If a hidden feature exists in the target item, it will be found.]
[Dainsleif (Reproduction)]
Rating: Unique
Durability: 500/500 Attack Power: 451~635 Attack Speed: -8%
* Additional damage equal to 10% of the targets current defense will be dealt.
* The greater the number of enemies, the greater the damage.
* The skill Golden Flash has been generated.
A work created by Albatino, the first human to receive the nickname of craftsman before Pagmas era. He attempted to reproduce the mythical weapon, Dainsleif.
While far lacking compared to the original Dainsleif, he succeeded in restoring some of its features, making it a masterpiece of its own.
It was acclaimed as a masterpiece of human history by the founder of the Eternal Kingdom and king of the north, Loran.
The legendary blacksmith Pagma is said to have received great inspiration from Albatinos work.
User Restriction: Level 250 or higher. More than 1,800 strength. Advanced Sword Mastery.

Nowadays, many people came and went. In a survey of new users that a broadcasting station conducted, it was in the top 10 of New Village where I want to Start.
People envied the residents of Winston after seeing the ever-evolving Winston. The land prices in Winston had increased by as much as 20 times, so it was expected that the residents would be rich.
This was only an illusion for those who didnt know the truth. The reality was quite different. The lives of the Winston residents werent better than ever. This was due to the Mero Company.
The Mero Company had dominated the northern area of the Eternal Kingdom since a long time ago. Valmont, the leader of the Mero Company, predicted the potential of Winston more quickly than anyone else. When it was still a remote village, he bought the land and commercial areas of Winston at a cheap price from the residents.
Therefore, most of Winstons land and commercial areas were dominated by the Mero Company. It hadnt officially been promoted to a city yet, but many of Winstons signboards had the name Mero on it. On the other hand, the residents lost their jobs and suffered from poverty.
The Mero Companys monopoly of Winston. It was a big jackpot for the Mero Company. It was possible to accumulate a huge amount of wealth. The lord wouldnt do anything due to the higher taxes and bribes.
"Indeed, people must have insight."
The owner of the Mero Company, Valmont was happy every day. Most of the profit from the village entered his pockets, so he enjoyed numerous luxuries. However, there was one thing that was raining on Valmonts mood: the existence of the smithy.
According to the decree of the king, cities and villages could only legally have one smithy. It was one of the governments extreme measures to prevent local powers from building massive weapons and strengthening their military capabilities.
Thus, there was one smithy in Winston and the owner of that smithy was a blacksmith called Khan, not the Mero Company. A business that was steady and gained a large amount of money as a weapons business was rare.
The Mero Company offered Khan an astronomical amount to sell the smithy, but he refused, saying it had been in his family for seven generations. It was no use even if Valmont used intimidation.
Valmont had a headache. It was too regretful to give up on the smithy. So he thought hard and came up with an ingenious scheme to put pressure on Khan.
"Buy large quantities of quality weapons and farm equipment from the Taji Blacksmiths. Then sell it to the Winston residents and travelers at a cheap price. The profit? There is no need to worry about that. Sell it cheaply!"
Due to Valmonts order, Khans blacksmith store lost its competitiveness. The residents and travelers of Winston no longer went to Khans smithy. The weapons sold at the Mero Company were slightly lower in quality than those sold at Khans smithy, but they were more diverse and cheaper, causing people to buy from the Mero Company.
In addition, Valmont planned one more thing. It was a plan to trick Khan by hiring an impostor.
"If you increase the scale of the smith, it will instill more confidence in the customers and business will be well again. I will lend you the money at a low-interest rate, so invest your money and grow the scale of the smithy. Show the people of Winston and the Mero Company that you will be successful!"
Khan foolishly believed the scammer. It was because the scammer was a long-time friend of Khans. Without imagining that his friend had been bribed by Valmont, Khan borrowed money without checking the contract. As a result, the debt snowballed into an amount that he couldnt afford.

"Ive found Khans location!" An informant entered and reported. "Around two hours ago, there was a witness who saw a strange young man carrying Khan on his back.
"Strange young man... He must be the culprit in this incident. Rabbit, I will leave the business of the smithy to you from now on. Take care of anyone who gets in your way."
According to someones evaluation of his personality, Valmont had talent as a merchant but he was harsh and violent. How was he able to grow the Mero Company to this extent? This was because he had Rabbit. Rabbit was a resourceful and skilled person who could cover Valmonts deficiencies. He suppressed his emotions and made calm judgments to produce the best results.
Now Rabbit was about to have an encounter with Grid.
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