Chapter 25
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 25

Chapter 25
"Go to hell! Johnsons enemy!"
The explosive sound of the surrounding enemies attacking me was enough to cause pain and sweat to flow down.
These were attacks with the power to break a wall with one blow! I was able to avoid the attacks a few times due to the slow speed and simple trajectory, but I wondered how long I could maintain this concentration. Then the enemies started to use their heads.
"Attack at the same time."
Different weapons simultaneously struck out from every direction.
[You have received 150 damage.]
[You have received 163 damage.]
My health gauge reached the bottom with just two hits and had only 23 health left.
Crazy. They werent even critical hits.
I pulled out a potion from my inventory and drank it. It was an intermediate health potion that restored 1,500 health at once.
My health is considerably less than 1,500, but an intermediate potion is the lowest grade potion I have. It wouldve been nice if I had an inferior potion...
The potion reuse time was 20 seconds, so I had to defend myself from attacks for at least 20 seconds. But now the enemies had started systematically linking their strikes. It became harder.
"We have been fighting together for 10 years. No matter what you try, you will eventually go to hell!"
I moved to the side in order to avoid the big sword that would take off my head, then an attack aimed for my knees, as if they had predicted my movements. My battle senses, developed from my days as a warrior, let out a warning.
This was unavoidable!
I aimed the arrow downwards.
The Special Jaffa Arrow accurately hit the mace in an attempt to shift the orbit. But an arrow was a very lightweight weapon. It was impossible for a light weapon to shift the orbit of the large mace that weighed several kilograms.
The mace hit half of my knee, dealing a critical blow.
[You have received 200 damage.]
[Your left leg is severely damaged. Movement speed has decreased by 40%. The ability to control your body has decreased.]
As I groaned on the floor, a strike of lightning could be heard above me. If I stayed still, my skull would be caved in.
I endured the pain and rolled back.
The floor where I had been lying just a few seconds ago was smashed to pieces. I stared at the enemies and made a decision.
I will act luxuriously today.
I steeled my heart, pulling out the intermediate strength potion and intermediate agility potion. The price for one was 10 gold. 10 gold was 12,000 won!
Im sorry but it cant be helped.
I closed my eyes and poured 20 gold, in other words, 24,000 won, down my throat.
Gulp gulp.
I shed tears as the buff potion was swallowed.
Ahh! This potion is more expensive than the sweet and sour pork set!
I prepared the buff potions for moments of crisis during Earl Ashurs quest, but I felt such regret that I never used them. Now they were being used to complete a B-grade quest, not a boss monster.
[You have taken the intermediate strength potion. Strength will increase by 50 for five minutes.]
[You have taken the intermediate agility potion. Agility will increase by 50 for five minutes.]
There was a flood of attacks from two directions as the notification windows popped up.

"You...! Kill! Kill that brat as soon as possible! He is like a cockroach, so keep attacking until he is dead."
"Isnt he just a druggie? I will crush him!"
The extremely angry Veil commanded his men. "The You will Die formation!"
It was the worst naming sense. In any case, the villains received Veils command and unleashed a barrage of attacks.
Kwa kwa kwa kwang!
The murder techniques that didnt consider defense ran rampant. Even if my arrow was aimed at their hearts, they didnt try to defend or avoid. They kept attacking and attacking.
Even if my arrow stabbed them, they didnt stop attacking. I instantly found myself on the defensive.
[You have received 203 damage.]
[You have received 180 damage.]
Like a snake persistently following me on a blocked path, the greatsword with a wide range of attack gave me a big crisis. Even if I avoided the mace, my balance would become off because the mace would break the ground or walls.
There were 13 seconds left on my potion reuse time and my health was at the bottom.
This is my limit. I cant endure anymore.
Unless the Legendary Blacksmiths Patience skill activated and my defense and health were strengthened, there was no way to overcome this crisis.
The end...
The moment I was about to give up on the quest... I suddenly had a thought.
Why am I depending on potions and skills?
Was I a warrior? No. I was Pagmas Descendant.
Where am I right now?
A smithy.
Im so stupid... Why didnt I think of this earlier?
I noticed the various weapons and armor displayed all over the room. A number of things popped into my head.
Khan, the elder blacksmith standing in the corner, responded instantly to my call.
I asked him, "Do you want to keep this smithy?"
"Of course! I already gave up, but changed my mind thanks to you. If you help me, I will be able to keep this place!"
I liked the cool answer.
"Hey, what are you doing now? Why are you chatting with that old man instead of fighting? Are you thinking of some trick?"
Kwa kwa kwang!
The gangsters didnt stop the offensive. I avoided the attack and threw my arrow at the largest of them.
The quickly thrown Special Jaffa Arrow...
Whether he sensed the crisis or if he was confident, Praga changed his attitude and started defending.
A critical appeared the moment the arrow struck the mace, and its heavy power made Praga instantly back up. However, the other two gangsters didnt care and struck. I turned around and ran away from them.
"Kuhahahaha! Stupid person! You threw away your weapon."
The gangsters saw me running away unarmed and chased after me. Praga overcame the crisis of the flying arrow and sighed with relief. I never looked back at them. I ran forward with all my strength. Then I ran up the stairs and reached the second floor.
There was a brilliantly shining full plate armor and a super large greatsword that was 3m in length.
I shouted toward Khan on the ground floor.
"Khan, lend me this equipment!"
"I will give them back at the end of the fight! If you want to keep your smithy, give me permission!"
Taking away the items without the owners consent would label me a criminal. I waited for Khans permission, but he paused in a frustrating manner.

"Not just anyone can use that equipment! It is better to lend you the leather armor and blacksmith hammer over here. That is the ideal equipment for you."
"No, just lend this to me."
"B-but that battle gear..."
"Kihahaha! Ive finally caught you. Die!"
Without realizing it, the enemies had neared me. Khan finally realized the urgency of the situation and nodded. "Y-Yes. If you can use it then feel free to!"
"Good. You shouldve said it sooner."
[Due to your class characteristics, you have equipped Dainsleif (Reproduction).]
[A penalty is applied because the item conditions arent met.]
[Attack power of Dainsleif (Reproduction) will decrease by 20%. Only half of the option effects will be applied.]
[The penalties will be reduced if your understanding of Dainsleif (Reproduction) increases.]
[Due to your class characteristics, you have equipped Valhalla.]
[A penalty is applied because the item conditions arent met.]
[Defense of Valhalla will decrease by 20%. Only half of the option effects will be applied.]
[The penalties will be reduced if your understanding of Valhalla increases.]
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