Chapter 14
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Once I finished my 280th piece of firewood, my hunger became worse and I started to become dizzy. However, I didnt stop.
I wouldnt be me if I gave up at this point.
Since childhood, I had never been good at anything. I wasnt smart, wasnt handsome, and my personality wasnt good. I wasnt even good at sports or exercising. I didnt have a special talent in a single field.
I had no abilities, felt severe jealousy towards others, and made excuses...
I couldnt deny that I was a bad representation of the human race. However, the reason I was able to build amicable relationships in high school was through my persistence.
I wasnt very smart. I needed to study several times more than others just to maintain a normal grade. My personality was bad. I often put on a charade that was just as good as the politicians. I wasnt good at exercising. During PE, I was able to play soccer with others because I tried diligently.
I knew this about myself, so I tried. I did my best to not give up. Thanks to my persistence, I was able to go to university and make it safely through the army. I might be debt-ridden because of Satisfy, but I barely managed to maintain an ordinary life.
Anyway, persistence was my strong point.
"Level... money..."
I was caught by this obsession and didnt stop moving my axe. I had just chopped the 460th piece of firewood when suddenly, a notification window popped up.
[Persistence stat has been opened.]
Surprisingly, it was a new stat. I immediately checked the stat.
You never give up, even in the face of a difficult task. You wont get tired easily. The possessions weight limit has increased. The feeling of satiation will last for a long time.
* The higher the number, the higher the effect.
* Stat points cant be distributed to this stat.
* Every time 10 points are gained in this stat, the Indomitable stat will increase by 1 point.
I wouldnt tire easily, my weight limit would increase, and satiety would last for a long time! It was truly fantastic. Furthermore, my indomitable stat would go up by one with every 10 points in persistence?
I have to be persistent to raise this stat?
I felt some doubt as I returned to chopping the firewood.
I showed a lot more persistence when completing Ashurs quest... why wasnt the persistence stat created until now?
I could only think of it as the difference between a normal rank class and a legendary rank class.
It might be the same actions and same effort, but the stat growth rate of a legendary class is higher than a normal class.
Once I discovered the new benefits of the legendary class, I forgot all of my fatigue and started to chop the firewood with more determination.
Ttaak! Ttaak!
As the number of firewood increased, I developed the knack of hitting the firewood.
Despite hitting along the grain, the durability of the axe decreased by one point every 200 pieces of firewood. However, at a certain point, it no longer decreased and the speed of my chopping accelerated.
By the time I finished 1,000 pieces of firewood, I had four points in the persistence stat.
[You havent consumed food in a long time, so all stats have dropped by half. It is easier to become affected by an abnormal state. If you continue to starve, your health will gradually decline.]
It was a close call. I was lying breathless on the ground.

I was proud. I had felt helpless in the successive S and SS-grade quests, so completing a normal quest after a long time gave me a sense of accomplishment. As I was bathing in the afterglow, Smith gave me a pickaxe.
"If you climb the mountain, there will be a mine. Gather iron ore from there!"
"How much?"
"As much as possible!"
[Mine Iron Ore]
Difficulty: E
Blacksmith Smith is suspicious of you.
He keeps looking and looking, but Smith cant understand why you are better at chopping firewood than him.
Smith has greatly increased the difficulty of the task in order to assess you properly.
Quest Clear Conditions: 80 pieces of iron ore.
Quest Reward: Affinity with Smith +30, experience +55, 20 bronze.
Quest Failure: Affinity with Smith -30.
55 experience! If I cleared the quest, I would go up three levels at once and finally get rid of the minus level. I was happy.
No, wait. Other people start at level 1, while Im glad about reaching level 0...
I felt strange as I accepted the quest.
"Im going now."
I placed strength in the hand holding the pickaxe. I had a huge passive skill that was understanding items. If I took advantage of this, the mining job would be done without difficulty. I left the smithy without delay. As I headed to a small mountain in the back of the village, I asked a child passing by.
"Kid, do any monsters emerge on that mountain?"
Was he eight years old? The kid with the runny nose shrugged and replied, "Are you really asking that question? How can there be monsters on a mountain attached to the village? My dad says that the lords soldiers patrol this area for our safety. So you dont have to be a shivering coward, Traveler."
"C-Coward? Me?"
The spiteful expression and nasty tone! A nasty kid who provoked the urge to punish him. As I prepared to rub my fist on the childs head, I saw a big man, probably the childs father, approaching. The man looked between me and the boy with a disapproving expression.
"Boy, why are you hanging around that traveler? He looks stupid, so dont associate with him!"
"Yes. I only replied to him because he looked so pathetic and frustrated."
"Huhu, my son had to go through a lot of trouble. By the way, how did a traveler like that come to our village? Our village isnt a place that lazy people can enter."
"Thats right. But he asked me a question and I didnt want to be rude."
"Hahahat! Yes yes. Then lets go to eat. Your mother is waiting."
"Yes Father!"
The father and kid walked away. Dammit, now I was being ignored by a kid.
"It is too much."
The NPCs attitude towards me was disturbing. During the level 1-10 beginner days, the NPCs didnt show a favourable opinion towards users, but they still taught us and helped us grow. However, they unconditionally ignored me now that I was a minus level. They felt irritated just making eye contact with me.
My reputation mightve increased by 500 in exchange for discovering Pagmas Rare Book, as well as the dignity stat after changing classes, but the minus level itself seemed to have the worst affinity with NPCs.
Then Doran was a really nice person.
I preferred a NPC like Doran, who mistook me for a high level. He forced me to accept the quest, but at least he didnt ignore me.
When I think of Doran, Im reminded of Dorans ring.
I still mourned the thought of the loss of Dorans ring.
I gazed at the sky for a moment and soothed my mind. I checked my status window before moving to the mountains.
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