Chapter 6
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 6

Chapter 6
The black magicians are the problem right now...
I was currently level -1, and my strength and stamina stats were only one point each. Mengels Plate Armour added five strength, for a total of six strength. When all of these stats were added up together, I totalled a measly 34 health. I might be able to punch a few of them before going to the netherworld.
Can I get away?
The failure of the quest was fixed anyway. I just wanted to preserve my life. No, I had to survive. If someone died two times in a day, they wouldnt be able to access the game for 12 hours. Okay, this was the only way!
"Log out!"
[You cant log out of the game here.]
"Fuck! I shouldve expected this!"
It was common knowledge that it was impossible to end the game while a timed quest was underway. There was a way to force it, but I didnt want to use it since I would get a huge penalty. After failing to log out, I looked for a way to escape. However, this was the stronghold of the enemy.
I was being surrounded by a rapidly increasing number of followers. No matter how many calculations I made, there was just no way to escape. There was no hope when I was a slow as a tortoise.
"Break through to the basement at once!"
As I was planning out my actions, Doran shouted at me before pulling out two daggers and throwing them without delay. The hand gestures were so fast that it happened in an instant.
One of the daggers struck a persons eye while the other pierced anothers heart. Doran narrowed the distance towards the pained believers and wielded his dagger.
"Open up."
The believers couldnt even scream as their necks were sliced and they vanished into a flash of grey light. I couldnt resist admiring it. The lack of information meant I didnt know the exact levels of the Yatan believers, but temple NPCs were generally at least level 150+. These believers were likely to be the same.
Doran handled them so easily that I couldnt even imagine his level.
Is he perhaps a named NPC?
My impression of Doran changed. Maybe I could clear this absurd quest if I depended on him. 3,000 gold! A huge 3,600,000 won was in front of me! The earls son-in-law! I imagined getting my hands on all stats +20 and a beautiful wife! I would become a lord with my own territory, where I could steal high taxes from the users and NPCs!
If I become a landlord, I will be able to get revenue every month.
I began to cheer Doran on. "Good! Doran, fighting! I have admired you for a long time!"
"Eh? For a long time? When have you ever seen..."
"Ah! Danger! Over there! You must take care of your body!"
While Doran was surprised by my sudden change in attitude, he focused on dealing with the enemies in front of him. Grey lights appeared in succession.
Really strong!
Doran skillfully threw numerous hidden weapons as if they were merely extensions of his limbs. The number one person on the assassin ranking, Old Sword Demon, that I saw on a broadcast two months ago, was like a young child next to Doran.
Isnt he three times stronger than Ashur? I must befriend him and ask him to assassinate Ashur!
The Yatan believers ignored me and attacked the threat, Doran. But their efforts couldnt stop Dorans advance. Doran focused solely on those who were chanting spells, attacking them to stop their magic.

"3,600,000 won and the earls daughter, here I come!"
There was an unexpected result. The hidden weapons that were thrown by Doran suddenly stopped and fell to the ground. Dorans advance was also stopped.
Defense magic couldnt be used by black magicians. It was only possible for black magicians who completed their second class advancement. As I was baffled, a young woman walked out from among the black magicians. It was a woman who boasted the best beauty, a unique beauty that caused the beauty of the noble young lady to pale in comparison.
Somehow, she looked familiar? I checked her name and was shocked.
Blood Witch!!
The Blood Witch. ID: Yura.
The Korean user who was ranked number one on the black magician ranking and ranked number five on the unified rankings. She was a famous person who frequently appeared on TV because of her beautiful appearance and outstanding abilities. Why was she here?
Yura looked towards me and stretched out a hand. "Im sorry, but I cant allow you to take away the sacrifice."
A red fire sword emerged from Yuras hand. Its momentum was fierce. Unlike a black magician who didnt have a lot of attack magic, she was well versed in it. I was intimidated as I saw the flames.
Did I get this far, only to die?
Why the hell was she here? As despair filled my body, a notification window popped up.
[You have been hit by a blow!]
[A legend doesnt die easily. You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with the minimum amount of health.]
I had one health point remaining. I had temporarily forgotten about it, but the attribute of my title was activated and I temporarily had an immortal body. Yuras face was perplexed as she saw that I survived, despite being hit by her magic.
"That was clearly a critical hit... Based on the equipment, you are only around level 80. So how are you fine after being hit by that attack?"
Yura asked while hiding herself behind the black magicians in preparation for Dorans counterattack. She always had a calm smile on TV, so I was probably the only one who had seen Yuras flustered expression.
I ran forward and shouted to Doran, "Quickly! Lets finish it in five seconds! Ill use my body to block their attacks, so Doran must kill them! I believe in you, Doran! My god!"
The spells of all the black magicians, including Yura, were concentrated on me. This meant that Doran could strike freely. The best development.
Yes, hit me! No matter how you hit, I wont die!
Today would be the day where an ordinary user would stand up to a ranker.
I narrowed the gap towards Yura as all types of curses and attack spells hit me, while Doran followed the path I made and dealt devastation to all the black magicians. Then Doran stepped on my back and jumped towards Yura.
Yura blocked his attack despite being in a state of confusion. On the other hand, Dorans momentum rose.
We can win!
But was it because Doran stepped on my back?
[You have died.]
Eh? Eeeeh? I wanted to reject this situation, but reality was cruel. A new notification window popped up as my vision turned grey.
[Quest failed!]
[Your level has dropped by 2.]
[You are now level -3.]
[As you have died two times within 24 hours, you wont be able to connect to the game for 12 hours.]
Hah, it somehow turned out like this. I gazed towards Doran fighting... No, my last sight as I closed my eyes was that damned Blood Witch.
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