Chapter 5
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 5

Chapter 5
It was a completely unwelcome quest. Was it because I didnt like the rewards? That was impossible!
This reward is really good...
3,000 gold was worth around 3,600,000 won when converted into real cash, which was close to 40 days of revenue for me if I worked without any rest. But the great thing was the title of Earls Son-in-Law.
All stats +20! I currently had nine stats in total: strength, stamina, agility, intelligence, dexterity, composure, indomitable, dignity and insight. If I added the nobility stat, that would equal 10 in total.
If all of these stats were given 20 points, it would be a total of 200 stat points. Every time I gained a level, 10 stat points were obtained, so 200 stat points were worth 20 levels. It would also be wonderful to have a beautiful aristocratic lady as my bride.
The road is open. But...
There was a reason why the rewards were so good. It was an S grade quest!
Earl Ashurs Fury was an S grade quest.
At the time of the quest, I was level 79 but couldnt cope with the difficulty. I was killed many times during the quest and dropped down to level 73. In addition, the time spent was three months!
I was currently level -1, so I had no means of clearly an S grade quest with a time limit. Why would I accept a quest that would obviously fail?
Furthermore, my level will fall by two if I fail.
My body trembled with fear and anger at the thought of my level dropping to -3.
But why on earth is it an S grade quest again?
S grade quests were never common quests. Even the top level rankers who were above level 200 could only count the number of times that theyve received an S grade quest on their left hands. However, I wasnt high level user and was currently at level -1.
I recalled what Doran said:
As you know, the Yatan Temple is filled with evil energy. Ordinary people will become afraid if they stay here for a while. But I observed you, and you are fine despite all the time that passed. In addition, you can even manage to laugh alone. You, dont you actually have great abilities?
There were hints in these words. The quest seemed to be generated by staying in the Yatan Temple for a certain period of time without falling into the fear state. My title and composure stat lowered my chances of falling under an abnormal condition.
Was it good? Did I like it?
Wont I be screwed if this is a forced quest? The attributes of this title are crazy, but its like this game is trying to make me quit.
I replied unhesitatingly,
"I cant do it. Ask someone else."
[The quest was refused.]
I refused the quest, but Doran didnt quit.
"You are the only unusual person, so please help me. A precious persons life is involved!"
[Doran is desperate. Do you understand his sad circumstances and accept the quest?]
The concept of the notification window was lost. Did it think I was in a position to take care of others right now? I immediately swiped the window away and said, "You are mistaken. I am weak and incompetent, so I wont be able to help you. It would be better for you to take care of it alone."
[The quest was refused.]
"As you know, the believers of Yatan use powerful black magic! I cant rescue the young lady from them alone! Please dont turn away, lend me your strength!"
[Doran hasnt given up. Would you like to accept the quest?)

I cant carry on like this. Yes, I have to refuse, even if I develop a hostile relationship with him. He isnt a NPC I need to build up a relationship with, so it wont hurt if he is my enemy.
I pulled out Mamons greatsword and glared at Doran.
"I definitely cant help you. If you dont get away right now, I am prepared to hurt you."
Doran grasped the atmosphere and took one step back. Then he slowly opened his mouth.
"I really wish you would help me..."
[Doran is asking for the last time. Would you like to accept the quest?]
How many times do I have to see this damn notification window?
"I wont help! Even if I can help, I dont want to! I wont help!"
My stress went over the threshold and I could no longer suppress my anger. In the end, I yelled and swung Mamons greatsword, expressing my intent not to talk to Doran anymore.
The sensation of hitting something was transmitted through my fingertips as a scream was heard at the same time. I turned my gaze to the side of the greatsword and saw what just occurred: a believer wearing the robe of Yatan had collapsed with Mamons greatsword in his neck. An ominous chill went down my spine.
"I was aiming at the crazy guy, so why did the person next to him..."
As I stared at the dying believer, a new notification window popped up.
[Your relationship with the Yatan Church has become hostile.]
[You wont be able to receive Yatans blessings.]
[The followers of Yatan will try to kill you when they find you.]
The atmosphere of the temple changed. While I was surrounded by dozens of Yatan believers, Doran got up and placed a hand on my shoulder and cried out, "Thank you!!"
[Rescue the Earls Esteemed Daughter]
Difficulty: S
Irene, the only daughter of Earl Steim, is a beautiful and innocent virgin. The elders of Yatan had kidnapped Irene in order to sacrifice her for her virgin blood.
You cant tolerate the evil deeds of Yatans followers. You must surely rescue Irene.
Quest Clear Conditions: Rescue Irene within one hour after accepting the quest.
Clear Reward: 3,000 gold, a low probability of becoming the earls son-in-law.
* Earls son-in-law: Nobility stat will open, all stats +20.
You will be treated as a viscount after marrying the earls esteemed daughter. Power and honor will rise. You can advance into the social circle of the nobles. You will receive a monthly salary. This can be a shortcut to becoming a high-ranking official or lord.
Quest Failure: Level -2.
[The quest has been accepted.]
Due to my hostile relationship with the Yatan Church, the Rescue the Earls Esteemed Daughter quest was forced upon me.
Some might say this was unlucky. No, it was more accurate to say that I had no luck.
Failure once again... it will be level -3!
At any rate, I had no luck. Perhaps I sold a country in my previous life.
"Who dares hurt Yatans believers! Arent you afraid of the curse of God Yatan?"
"God Yatan is almighty! God Yatan has already noticed your sin! You wont be safe for the rest of your life!"
"You will pay a heavy price for your blasphemy!"
The angry voices of the Yatan followers clamored around me. Their crazy eyes were filled with absolute hostility.
Will I die now?
The followers of Yatan were black magicians. Black magicians had strong curse abilities, so they were difficult to deal with.
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