Chapter 4
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 4

Chapter 4
The minus level isnt a bug.
The numbers in parentheses beside the level indicated my current experience and the amount of experience required to reach the next level. The existence of this experience figure meant that I could level up. In the worst case, I was worried that I wouldnt be able to level up because I was bugged.
Im glad it isnt a bug...
I still felt upset. Think about it: my level was originally over 70, but now I was lower than even new players who had just created their characters.
I have to endure this.
I braced myself. It might take time, but I could raise my level again. The reason for this positive thinking was due to the qualities of my profession and title. I didnt know anything about item creation, so I couldnt comment on the probability of adding additional options, but it was still good to have.
The odds of enhancement will increase.
In Satisfy, items could be enhanced up to +10.
However, the price of the materials needed for enhancement was expensive. In addition, the higher the enhancement number and item rating, the lower the probability of the enhancement succeeding. In addition, if the enhancement was successful, the enhancement value would be +1; however, if it failed, it would be -3. The price for items with an enhancement of +6 would rise exponentially.
I dont know how much the probability has risen, but cant I feel hope for a large amount of money?
Both of the class characteristics that I mentioned were quite attractive. However, my bigger interest was that all items could be worn unconditionally. This was an unreasonable merit. Depending on the penalties that were applied, this attribute could disrupt the balance of the game.
Isnt this a fraudulent class attribute?
Most of the equipment items in Satisfy had conditions of use attached to them. If the conditions werent met, the item couldnt be worn. For that reason, every level had strong limitations. But that didnt apply to me, due to the nature of my class.
I opened my inventory.
[Mamons Greatsword]
Rating: Epic
Durability: 88/204 Attack Power: 178~301 Attack Speed: -16%
-Additional water damage will be added to all critical attacks.
This is the greatsword patronized by the guardian of Lake Pamian, Mamon. Due to the influence of the lake, this sword has the strong aura of water.
Conditions of Use: Level 65 or higher, more than 260 strength, more than 150 stamina.
Weight: 1,050
[Mengels Plate Armor]
Rating: Rare
Durability: 51/180 Defense: 165 Movement Speed: -2%
* Strength +10
This is a work made by the blacksmith Mengel in the fortified city of Patrian. With it, the defense is improved and the weight lowered. The wearer of this work can feel Mengels strong willpower that remained behind.
Conditions of Use: Level 60 or higher, more than 180 strength.
Weight: 1,203
My current stats didnt meet the conditions of use attached to Mamons Greatsword or Mengels Plate Armor. In other words, a normal person wouldnt be able to wear both items. But I was the exception.
[Due to your class characteristics, you have equipped Mamons Greatsword.]
[A penalty is applied because the item conditions arent met.]
[Attack power of Mamons Greatsword will decrease by 30%. Only half of the option effects will be applied.]
[The penalties will be reduced if your understanding of Mamons Greatsword increases.]

I suddenly went from feeling good to feeling bad.
"~ @....!^%*@.... Ashur!!"
I pounded the floor with frustration and resentment. I poured all out types of profanities towards Ashur. Gradually, my heart was soothed. It was due to an unfamiliar stat, so I decided to check it.
The probability of being affected by an abnormal state is lowered. If affected by an abnormal condition, you will recover quickly.
* The higher the number, the higher the effect.
* Stat points cant be distributed to this stat.
Has a certain probability of invalidating a portion of the incoming damage. The lower the health, the higher the probability.
* The higher the number, the higher the effect.
* Stat points cant be distributed to this stat.
Cant be pushed down by others. There is a rare chance of making the enemy submit to you.
* The higher the number, the higher the effect.
* Stat points cant be distributed to this stat.
Discover the target. Predict risks.
* The higher the number, the higher the probability.
* Stat points cant be distributed to this stat.
Every stat had a great effect.
By the way, how am I going to raise the number if I cant distribute points to it?
The explanation seemed huge, but they might be stats without much practical use. The moment that I was about to open the skills window.
I screamed with fear. Something had suddenly touched my back. I belatedly recalled that I was in a Yatan Temple.
I hurriedly turned around and reflexively wielded Mamons Greatsword. The man behind me dodged my attack and raised both hands.
"Hey, calm down. Do you want to kill a person?"
The one who spoke was a Caucasian-looking man who seemed to have an assassin type class due to his light equipment and agile body.
His finger poked my back.
It mightve be okay if it was a sword, but it was embarrassing to scream just because of a finger.
"What is it?"
The man shrugged.
"It is dreary. Shouldnt you apologize after trying to kill a person?"
His smile looked like a smirk. I disliked this type of person.
This person is speaking so impolitely at our first meeting.
Certainly, the man looked older than me. At first glance, he seemed to be in his mid-30s. However, my one year experience was enough to let me know how deceptive appearances were. I once called someone Brother, only to find out they were seven years older than me.
This bastard, he looked like he was in his 30s but...
"Cough." My fists trembled and I barely managed to calm myself as I remembered the shameful past. "Im sorry about that. But shouldnt you apologize for poking me without notice and surprising me?"
The man laughed and asked for a handshake.
"Young man, I called out to you. However, you were so engrossed in thinking that you didnt hear me. That is why I poked you. Im sorry."
I refused to shake hands with the man.
"So why did you call me?"
The man scratched his head and shrugged.
"As you know, the Yatan Temple is filled with evil energy. Ordinary people will become afraid if they stay here for a while. But I observed you, and you are fine despite all the time that passed. In addition, you can even manage to laugh alone. You, dont you actually have great abilities?"
Perhaps this is...
As I got a hunch, I checked the name above the mans head. The mans eyes shone.

"My name is Doran. I am a shadow who secretly protects Earl Steim. One or two days after I had gone on vacation, the Earls esteemed daughter was kidnapped. I tracked her and found out that she was trapped in the basement of this temple. Wont you lend me your strength? I will give you a remuneration for the request."
"I dont..."
I thought the man was a user, but he was actually an NPC. Due to the perfect artificial intelligence, the distinction between users and NPCs was ambiguous and this mistake sometimes occurred. The name above his head was green, symbolizing an NPC. Then a notification window about a quest popped up.
[Rescue the Earls Esteemed Daughter]
Difficulty: S
Irene, the only daughter of Earl Steim, is a beautiful and innocent virgin. The elders of Yatan had kidnapped Irene in order to sacrifice her for her virgin blood.
Quest Clear Conditions: Rescue Irene within one hour after accepting the quest.
Clear Reward: 3,000 gold, a low probability of becoming the earls son-in-law.
* Earls son-in-law: Nobility stat will open, all stats +20.
You will be treated as a viscount after marrying the earls esteemed daughter. Power and honor will rise. You can advance into the social circle of the nobles. You will receive a monthly salary. This can be a shortcut to becoming a high-ranking official or lord.
Quest Failure: Level -2.
[Would you like to accept the quest?]
This was crazy.
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