Chapter 3
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Lim Cheolho was the core of the team of 33 scientists who built the virtual reality system and was the person who led the development of Satisfy by establishing the S.A Group.
He had many titles: the one with the knowledge of a god, the creator of the virtual reality system, the person who changed the world, the father of Satisfy, the wealthiest person in the nation, one of the most influential figures in the world, a person who received requests for naturalization dozens of times a year from all over the world, the pride of South Korea, etc.
His countless titles meant that he received the spotlight every time he attended international events, and his influence transcended the American president, making him the worlds envy.
In fact, his life wasnt as flashy as discussed in the media. He was the head of Satisfys development team, as well as head of the S.A Group, so he slept less than four hours a day on average. But was he unhappy? No, it was something he wanted for himself. Lim Cheolho was proud and enthusiastic about Satisfy, which had captured the hearts of two billion people.
Lim Cheolho was woken up by the sound of his phone ringing. He checked the time and saw that it was 2:50 a.m. It had only been 20 minutes since he went to sleep. The accumulated fatigue from a months worth of late nights crushed Lim Cheolhos thinking ability.
His voice was rather sharp as he spoke into the phone, "What is going on? What?"
An urgent voice was heard over the phone. Lim Cheolho immediately woke up. "Im going immediately! Be prepared to give me the report as soon as I arrive!"
Lim Cheolho got dressed and entered the elevator, heading to the underground floor of his house. In the underground parking lot, limited edition cars from expensive brands were parked in order by type. He climbed into a sports car with the butterfly style doors and drove to the company at full speed.
"What happened?"
Satisfys Operations Office.
Lim Cheolho ran into it and asked without recovering his breathing. Yoon Nahee, the head of the operations team, bowed to Lim Cheolho and adjusted her orange horn-rimmed glasses.
"It happened five minutes ago."
"How interesting!"
The excited Lim Cheolho sat down. He turned his gaze to the huge monitor on the wall and the stopped video started playing. The main character of the video was a level 73 warrior. An Asian youth found a cave at the northern end of an island, held Pagmas rare book, and used it.
The staff handed two documents to Lim Cheolho as he watched the video. Lim Cheolho read it and rubbed his chin.
"In reality, as well as in Satisfy, he is a normal person with no outstanding traits. After being exposed to Satisfy, he suffered from a lack of self-control, resulting in the lowest level of life. How did this person find the cave at the north end that was concealed by a complex algorithm? Does he have an exploration talent that he doesnt know about?"
According to the analysis from the development teams Morpheus supercomputer, the North End Cave was supposed to be found by users in one year and ten months. In other words, it meant that the appearance of the legendary book, Pagmas Rare Book, was originally supposed to be one year and ten months later.
One young man broke everyones expectations and hastened the timing. The number of users who did their 2nd class advancement was less than 100, and he was now the sole legendary class in the game.

"...This means his base stats will be 20 points higher than a character of the same level."
"Thats right. That young man received a benefit that wouldnt have been possible if he was a player capable of clearing Earl Ashurs quest. He is a really lucky guy."
The expressions of the employees grew serious. Yoon Nahee asked him, "A legendary class has appeared two years sooner than expected. A legendary class is already very powerful, so if he has 20 more stat points than his level, wont the balance be broken?"
Lim Cheolho showed her the papers listing Shin Youngwoos information.
"This graph shows that his level was quite low in proportion to the amount of time he spent hunting. He was a foolish person who stayed in one city for a year without leaving to find adventures or a more pleasant environment. I dont think he has great talent for the game like the rankers. You dont have to worry."
"Is it really okay? In the eyes of other users, it might be enough to make him look special."
"What can we do, even if it isnt okay? We have a policy of not directly interfering in the game, so think positively. Isnt it a good thing that an ordinary user, not a ranker, obtained it? Besides, Pagmas Descendant is relatively weak in combat compared to the other legendary classes..."
Lim Cheolho, who was watching the young man on the monitor, suddenly flinched and fell silent. He shook his head at Yoon Nahees puzzled expression.
"No, it isnt a big deal. I will be going now. You have suffered a lot from the late nights of work. I will give you a bonus soon, so please suffer a bit more."
The atmosphere of the employees became excited at the word bonus. Lim Cheolho smiled and left the office.
Why all of a sudden?
Only Yoon Nahee was silent among the raucous staff. She felt nervous as she thought about Lim Cheolhos surprised look. On the other hand, Lim Cheolhos expression subtly changed in the elevator as he muttered Shin Youngwoos name.
I lost my place of residence because I was expelled from Patrian. Therefore, I resurrected at a temple near my place of death. Oh and by the way, it was actually a temple for the god of darkness, Yatan.
Dark energy hung around the dark room, while robed black magicians wandered around with gloomy expressions. People were shouting and pounding their chests around an altar, but it was too creepy to watch.
The sharp scream of a woman in pain came from underground.
"...Well, it is nothing compared to that notorious place."
I had already finished my military service. If someone had been next to me, then they wouldve felt the general, oppressive atmosphere of a horror movie. I wasnt a female user so I felt no fear at the Yatan Temple.
"S-S-Status window."
My voice was shaking but I tried not to let it affect me. I ignored the surroundings as much as possible and concentrated on the status window in front of me.
Name: Grid
Level: -1 (0/20)
Class: Pagmas Descendant
* The probability of adding additional options when making items will increase.
* The probability of item enhancement will increase.
* All equipment items can be worn unconditionally. However, the is a penalty depending on the rating of the item.
Title: One who Became a Legend
* Abnormal conditions dont work well on you.
* You wont die when health is at the minimum.

* Easily acknowledged.
Health: 14/14 Mana: 3/3
Strength: 1 Stamina: 1 Agility: 1 Intelligence: 1 Dexterity: 1
Composure: 1 Indomitable: 1 Dignity: 1 Insight: 1
Stat Points: 0
Weight: 3,035/20
* The weight limit exceeds 200%, so movement speed is reduced by 100%.
The body is heavy and cannot exert any power properly.
The probability of receiving the weakened state has become really high.
A flood of emotions filled my head.
The minus level was something I couldnt understand, and the stats that didnt allow me to win a fight against even a rabbit caused anger. However, the special functions given by the title and profession overwhelmed me.
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