Chapter 2
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 2

Chapter 2
This bastard!
I wanted to stab my sword in Ashurs mouth right now, but it was an impossible task. The mans level was 300 and was also a great magician who completed his third class change. His escort knights had an average of level 180.
On the other hand, I was only at level 73 and didnt even have a chance against the youngest knight who was serving as a bread shuttle. (Bread shuttle Usually used at school, where one student is picked on and/or bullied to do the errands for people who are higher on the social ladder than the shuttles are.)
But look at the quest clear conditions. I had to kill them.
Plus! Even if I cleared the quest, wasnt the quest compensation garbage?
My intelligence will be minus 50? Fuck, right now I have 30 intelligence, so wont I be an idiot if Im at minus 50? And all of the kingdoms nobles would hate me? So where was my exit route?? Why is there a quest like this? Ahhh!!
There was only one choice. Just die. I would drop two levels, but I couldnt succeed anyway. Besides, what was the point of succeeding with such a nasty quest?
I felt resigned. The pressure from the knights wasnt a joke.
This means I wouldve lost eight levels just from this quest... Ashur... One day, I will become high level and take revenge. Definitely.
I stared at Ashur and vowed revenge, then closed my eyes at the menacing swords in the knights hands. Then suddenly, I remembered Pagmas book in my hand.
Wait, what about this?
Would it remain in my inventory after I died if I put it in there before my death? This wasnt a general quest item, so I couldnt be assured of the situation.
What was Ashurs purpose in the first place? Pagmas rare book. The reason he wanted to kill me was to take it away. In order for the story to go smoothly, if he killed me, it was likely that Pagmas book would disappear from my inventory and fall into his hands.
If I was going to lose Pagmas book anyway, I might as well use it instead of selling! A new option emerged. I could use Pagmas rare book.
However, I hesitated. I hated production-related classes. Wasnt the point of a game to enjoy the thrill of battle? However, if I became a blacksmith, I would have to sweat as I hammered at iron in front of a fire. It might be necessary to carry pickaxes while searching for mines to collect the necessary materials.
It was indeed...
La. bor.
At that moment, a chill went down my spine. I was doing brickwork and shovel work at construction sites in real life, and now I needed to do labor in a game as well! Just imagining it made me feel terribly dizzy.
I wanted to remain as a warrior; it was my dream to swing my sword at enemies and someday become an army general. But now it was time to give up on that dream. An item worth hundreds of millions of won would be taken away by an NPC! By that bastard Ashur!
"Its better to use it than to lose it to him!"
I tearfully opened Pagmas book. The shocked Ashur hurriedly stretched out a hand and chanted a spell.
"Its too late, you jerk."
I ridiculed him before falling silent as I checked the notification windows appearing one by one.
[You have become Pagmas descendant.]
[Your level has dropped.]
[You are now level 1.]
[All skills and stats have been reset.]
I couldnt believe my eyes. Werent class changes supposed to help you get stronger by strengthening your existing level, stats, and skills? Therefore, I couldnt understand why my level, stats and skills were reset instead of maintained.

I pressed the OK button to post and completely emerged from the capsule. A quick glance in the mirror revealed someone who looked like an emaciated patient with an incurable disease. It was the aftermath of not sleeping for three months while doing the quest. And the only thing I received in return was a loss of hundreds of millions of won and a minus level.
"My three months of work have gone flying away... Three months of hard work. Hahaha..."
I couldve gone and taken some labor jobs, but I ended up shoveling air. No, it was a loss of time and level. I lost energy and flopped to the ground. I was sad, empty, grumpy, and resentful. All types of negative emotions were pouring in, giving me a tremendous sense of helplessness. If I were weaker person, I was sure that I wouldve committed suicide.
"...I need to take a shit."
I had been connected to the game for a long time, so I headed to the bathroom after receiving a physiological signal. It was three in the morning. All my family members were sleeping. If I woke up my parents then they might curse at me.
I stealthily crossed the living room, quietly did my business in the bathroom, washed up, moved back to the kitchen, and took out a side dish from the fridge. I barely managed to find a spoon in the darkness and returned to my room with a bowl of rice.
"Oh, its sausage fried rice."
The taste of a meat processed product! As I ate delicious food and filled up my stomach, I relaxed and could think soberly.
"How did my level become minus?"
I thought about it before sitting in the capsule to check the question I posted on the Internet.
In the meantime, the number of views on my posts had gone over 10,000. The number of comments was more than 2,000!
"D-Dont tell me?"
I couldnt find the information, but was the minus level actually famous among users, and the users were excited because it gave tremendous benefits? My dream was destroyed when I checked the comments.
Iksl ** s answer: If there is a minus level, a ghost will appear before me at night.
Eksk ** s answer: Wow ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I am level -5 ^.^
We are low-level comrades.
Tutu ** s answer: Did you find a legendary book as well? ?? Do you have an attention sickness?
cm3s **s answer: He should be brought to a mental hospital. Take this post down.
7r14 ** s answer: Legendary book... minus level... these days ??? really, some people...
jk12 **-1s answer: Wouldnt -1 be last place in the rankings ???? I would quit the game?
Kkks ** s answer: Something this unique that hasnt appeared yet, what nonsense.
Qkr8 ** s answer: Is it excessive drinking?
Gjte ** s answer: Wow, minus level... I pay homage to your imagination. You should be a fiction writer. ? ?
There were 2,000 comments like these. I felt like an idiot.
It seems that information about minus level hasnt been revealed at all... am I the first person?
Satisfys system was configured to allow users to discover and develop themselves. There was no such thing as a customer service center like in other more traditional online games. Satisfys two billion users had been developing the world during the past year by pioneering and exchanging information on their own.
But in such a vast world, there was a lot of information that hadnt been revealed, such as the minus level that I was experiencing now.
It was raining outside the window. According to the weather forecast, it was going to rain all day. It wasnt easy to get a labor job if he went out looking today. I ate the last of the rice and logged into the game again.
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