My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 49 - Chapter 49[ deleted ] red braised meat
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 49 - Chapter 49[ deleted ] red braised meat

Song Yi did not see his wife when he came out of the shower, so he knew that she was probably cooking in the space.

The Red Braised fish had to be cut into pieces and then oil. The sweet and sour ones had to be covered with oil, so the oil temperature had to be controlled well. Otherwise, the outside would be too charred and the inside would not be cooked well.

Xiao Mi ate happily, and as she ate, she exclaimed how delicious it was!

Then, she prepared the braised pork with Brown sauce, stir-fried it with sugar, stir-fried it, add the meat, and cook it with cooking wine. The Food of the 1980s was not adulterated, and the smell of cooking wine was very fragrant.

"Oh right, Xiao Mi, Ill take the things in my space and sell them. If people outside eat them often, will there be any reaction? "

"Master, its fine. The spiritual energy will be almost gone in two hours after those things leave the space. Other than the taste, there shouldnt be much difference. " Xiao Mi took another bite of braised meat and added, "this is the same as medicine. The longer it stays in the space, the less effective the medicine will be. This is because there is no spiritual energy in the outside world. "
Xiao Mi burped and stretched her waist comfortably.

Lin Lei nodded when she got the answer she wanted. Then, she took back the space that was mature and left the space. She saw Xiao Mi lying there full of food... ...

Lin Lei left the space and placed the things she had prepared on the table.

Lin Lei felt a wave of heat. This demon was always seducing people.

He deliberately revealed his seductive side. Sure enough, his wifes face turned red. Her Pink Lips were so tender that she wanted to be kissed.

"Lets eat. Wife, Im going to try your new dish! "

On the dining table, the two dishes should have two different flavors. That plate of braised pork was the one that attracted Song Yis attention the most. The color was bright red, and the aroma was overflowing.

He preferred sweet and sour fish, which was sweet and sour to appease his appetite.

Lin Lei saw that Song Yi only tasted it and did not say anything. Was it not to his appetite Did he like vegetarian food If she had known earlier, she would have cooked a vegetarian dish. In her space, vegetables were delicious when they were fried with oil. Usually, her favorite food was stir-fried vegetables. Of course, it would be even more delicious if she put some meat in it.

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