My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 46 - Chapter 46[46] funny robbers
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 46 - Chapter 46[46] funny robbers

Lin Lei did not expect the matter to be resolved so easily. With this 10,000 yuan, she could buy a lot of things. After all, the current prices were very low.

The first thing Song Yi did was to protect Lin Lei behind him. Looking at so many people, although they did not have guns, they all had knives in their hands.

Lin Lei pushed Song Yi away and stood next to him. She said loudly to the other side,

The leader of the group was a bald fat man. He sized up the two men in front of him, one tall and one thin. It felt like they were two prodigal young masters who were secretly selling things in the house. If they werent secretly selling, how could there be only two people selling so many things?

Lin Lei sized up this group of people. They did not have much killing intent. She guessed that they were trying to steal money. From what she heard, they only needed to give half of the money.

"What if we dont give it to you? Do you want to fight? "

The bald man did not expect Lin Lei to ask with such an imposing manner. Could it be that he had met a tough nut to crack?

"If you dont leave half of the money, Ill ask them to beat you up! " The bald man was so angry that he shouted.

"boss, are you really going? What if you hurt someone? " The subordinate next to him asked, thinking that if someone died, it would be a big crime.

This time, the bald man was angered. He shouted at the short men beside him to attack. After saying that, he kicked them.
Lin Lei kicked and fell over her shoulders. In less than ten minutes, the dozen or so people who rushed over had all fallen.

A few people behind put down their things and ran away... ...

The bald man did not know whether to leave or stay. In the end, he actually knelt down and shouted.

The corner of Song Yis mouth twitched when he saw this. He did not expect his wifes skills to be so good. This group of robbers were also very funny... ...

The bald man was so scared that he didnt dare to stand up. He lowered his head.

Lin Lei was happy when she heard that. How stupid were the first few people? They had been cheated by them.

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