My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 45 - Chapter 45[45] making a fortune
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 45 - Chapter 45[45] making a fortune

After buying everything, Lin Lei put half of the pork, fish, and eggs into her space. After everything was done, the idea of selling food popped up again.

"Wife, do you have a lot of things in your space? If you only have a few hundred catties, just sell it to old Zhao. "

"A few hundred catties, now its already tens of thousands of catties. Its increasing by a few thousand a day... I dont know the exact number anymore, " Lin Lei said helplessly ...
Song Yi did not expect his daughter-in-laws space to have so many things. It seemed that he could only go to the black market, he could not sell so many things on the surface.

Song Yi thought that he had to put on makeup. He could not let too many people know his identity. He also had to pay attention to his wifes safety. He could not stay by his wifes side all the time. The fewer people who knew, the better.

"Its best to dress up differently from now. The less you look like, the better. " Song Yi thought that it was best to take a weapon to defend himself. He added to Lin Lei, "wife, pick a weapon to defend yourself. When necessary, we can escape. "

Men dressed better than women. They could change their identities by wearing a suit and sunglasses.

Lin Lei put on her makeup first. She washed her face, tied up her hair, and put on a hat. After changing her clothes, she chose a dark black suit.

She took out the clothes, pants, and shoes that she had chosen for Song Yi and showed them to Song Yi.

He took off his work clothes and changed into this set of clothes. He looked very noble. He looked too much like the young master of a rich family... ...

Lin Lei felt that the heavens had been kind to her. Although she had experienced the end of the world for ten years, they had to compensate a top-notch man like her.
Song Yi felt that it was a little exaggerated to dress like this, but it was not impossible to dress like this. Only then would one look like a rich man.

As for the vegetables in the space, they would be sold wholesale to the market.

Song Yi looked at his careless wife and said helplessly, "this is the only way now. If there is any danger in the space, the first thing you do is hide in the space. I will think of a way to escape. You have to believe in my strength. "

Song Yi and Lin Lei entered the black market uneasily. After entering,.

After Song Yi said that he would sell the grain, the guide was brought to the place and both parties discussed the deal.

After the deal was done, she looked at the 10,000 yuan in her hand. It was like a dream. She thought it was very dangerous, but she did not expect it to be so simple.

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