My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 44 - Chapter 44[44] purchasing
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 44 - Chapter 44[44] purchasing

Lin Lei had made a total of almost 100 dumplings. She felt that it was about time to light the fire and start cooking.

She took out the finished Kimchi and placed it on the plate. Lin Lei gently clapped her hands. She felt that she had completed the task and could finally start eating.

Song Yi was not used to it at first, but when he regained his senses, he immediately went in to serve the dumplings. Looking at the white and green dumplings, he felt very appetising. There were also these two plates of pickles. They looked pretty good, and his stomach couldnt help but make a sound.

"If youre hungry, then eat. Ive eaten some of these before, so try to eat as much as you can. "

The leeks were very fresh when paired with the shrimp. When paired with Lin Leis pickles, Song Yi couldnt stop eating.

"Back then, your mother was the one with the best dishes, so I conquered her first. Ill never forget her beautiful expression when she cooks. "

Only when Song Yi ate the last one did he feel that his stomach could not fit anymore. He looked at the table and saw that he had eaten all of them He realized that his appetite was growing. His wife must have cooked too delicious. Otherwise, how could it grow so fast?

Lin Lei looked at Song Yis eating speed. In less than 20 minutes, he had eaten close to 100 dumplings... ... He was simply a modern glutton. Back then, she also loved to watch a variety show where the glutton king performed. The Food for ten people only took half an hour to be eaten up .. At that time, her expression was horrified. Unknowingly, she had gone too far... ...

Song Yi felt that his appetite was growing, for the sake of his stomach. It wasnt good to be a vegetarian. Later, when he went out, he would have to find someone to kill the three pigs. He would let his wife Cook meat to eat. This way, his appetite might be reduced.

Lin Lei calculated in her heart that she didnt need to buy vegetables or meat. She just needed to go out and buy some ingredients and fish. She didnt need to spend much money. There was plenty of food in the rice space. No matter how much they could eat and how much they could eat, she had to organize this party well for Song Yi.
"okay, I got it. You lie down first. You dont need to buy vegetables, rice, meat. You just need to buy some seasoning and fish. "

Li Jian kept making song e go to the health center to open the door quickly. He was afraid that if outsiders saw it, it would affect him badly. It would be fine if he ate it in his mouth. His figure was not as good as his wifes. He closed his eyes tightly and did not make a sound. He was no different from a dead fish lying on the bed.
Song e reached out to stop him. After some pestering. He finally agreed to fulfill his promise.

If only Lin Lei could hear song es thoughts at this moment. She would definitely ask loudly, who the F * Ck Do you blame for your own death? ?

Lin Lei was very happy that this was her first time going out with Song Yi. In her space, she found a skirt and changed into it.

When Lin Lei came out of the room, it was as if she was a different person.

Song Yi looked at the time and brought Lin Lei out at almost one oclock. The canteen was closed at one oclock. He had to bring back a lot of things to borrow a car. Without a car, there was no way to bring it back.

In less than a minute, a bald, fat man wearing blue clothes and a white apron came out. He smiled and came to their side.

Song Yi went forward and patted old Zhaos shoulder. "This is my wife, Lin Lei. " Then he said to Lin Lei, "this is old Zhao managing the cafeteria. You guys should get to know each other. "

Song Yis proud expression was revealed. In his heart, his wife was the most beautiful.

"Okay, here are the keys. " Without thinking, Old Zhao handed the keys to Song Yi.

It was an old-fashioned big truck. It was very old, but it was very clean.

When they were almost in the city, Yi parked the car by the roadside.

Lin Lei looked around to see that there was no one around. She got into the trunk and placed the wild boar in the trunk from the space.

Lin Lei jumped out of the car and nodded to Song Yi, indicating that she was ready before getting into the car.

A pig that had its blood removed and its skin removed would only weigh about 100 jin of meat. The money was sufficient. The pigs head and feet were cleaned very cleanly.

"including the leader, there should be around 60 people. " Song Yi thought for a while and added, "make three meat, two vegetables, and a cold dish. What do you think, wife? "

Song Yi nodded to indicate that it was okay. After the pig was slaughtered, the other party was responsible for sorting and packing it. This saved them a lot of trouble. In short, it was easy to get things done when there was money.

Lin Lei was looking at things in the front while Song Yi followed behind to pay for the things. It was not tiring to work with men and women.

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