My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 40 - Chapter 40[40] making Kimchi
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 40 - Chapter 40[40] making Kimchi

A fully automatic washing machine was good. If he washed it by hand, he might not be able to wash it for a long time. He had the foresight to collect a lot of electrical appliances in his space during the apocalypse.

Looking at the time, it was already 25 minutes. When he returned to his space, he opened the Kimchi Basin. The color and fragrance were excellent.

"Master, I want to try the sweet and sour pickles. "

She chose the most tender vegetables. Even if they were spicy, they also had the crispy sweetness of vegetables.

Xiao Mi took a bite of both. "Master, I like cucumber more. Its sweet and sour to appease the appetite.

"Wait for me to go out and deal with the wild boar. Then Ill get some fish and chicken. Ill make some food for you and store it. "

"Thats great, Master! "

Lin Lei came out after she was done with the space. Seeing that it was almost nine oclock, she went to the washing machine and took out the clothes and bedsheets. Even though they were dry, they were still a little wet.

Sun Li saw Lin Lei coming over to dry her clothes alone and immediately walked over to Lin Lei.
She also had other clothes, but Lin Lei did not want to wear them out. She wanted to have the money to open a clothing factory as a sample in the future. Thinking about it, she thought of another way to earn money.

Sigh, there was no other way. who asked her to be poor now!

"whose daughter-in-law is this? Shes dressed really well. "

Previously, when she came to her house, her face still had a bit of a Double Chin. Now, she couldnt tell at all. Also, her figure was what should be big and what should be small.

Lin Lei thought about it. She was at least 140 years old, and now she should be 120 years old. She lost 20 pounds in a short time, and the change was quite big, especially her skin should have become much whiter.

"Sun Li, whose wife is she? " The woman next to her asked.

Lin Lei sized up these people. Zhang Qin was very fat. She was comparable to herself in the past.

As for this song Xiaoxia and that Song Goose, they were somewhat similar. Could they be relatives?

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