My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 36 - Chapter 36[ deleted ] the two of them warmed up
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 36 - Chapter 36[ deleted ] the two of them warmed up

Lin Lei did not know that the decision she made today would change the fate of many people in the future.

"Song Yi, what about the three wild boars? "

Song Yi wanted to get one first. He didnt need to buy meat for dinner. The other two would go to the county and find someone to kill.

Lin Lei raised her eyes and asked with a smile, "then what should I call you? Should I call you husband? "

Song Yi looked at Lin Lei in front of him. She had lost a lot of weight compared to before.

"Hubby, Im done eating. Ill go back to the space and come out later. "

Song Yi smiled helplessly. He had been too impatient and scared his little wife.

And her space. It was really a problem that he could not enter.

It made her body inexplicably hot. If the next time Song Yi looked at her like that... ... ...

"Nothing. Its a little hot outside. Im going to take a bath. "
Lin Lei knew that she was moved by Song Yi. In the past, when other men looked at her like that, they were very calm. Sometimes, they even felt disgusted?

Song Yi treated her well, so she should treat him better. Love was something that both parties paid for. If only one person paid for it, sooner or later, they would get bored.

Lin Lei took a shower and picked out the clothes that she could wear in the space. Now that she had lost weight, there were many more clothes that she could wear.

When the money was in place, she could consider opening a large supermarket or something like that. Just thinking about it was beautiful.

What was going on? He didnt feel uncomfortable after eating his wifes fish last time.

Song Yi got up to take a look. The quilt was all wet. His entire body was dirty. It was too uncomfortable. This smell, a stench that he had never smelled before, he had to take a shower quickly.

She saw that the bathroom was closed. Was Song Yi taking a shower?

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