My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 34 - Chapter 34[34] home
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 34 - Chapter 34[34] home

Song Yi walked over and held Lin Leis small hand tightly, as if the whole world was in his hands.

At noon, Wang Ming and Chen Bing rushed back, bringing the security officer, the doctor, and some simple clothes.

Song Yi heard someone call his name and saw who it was.

Song Yi pulled Lin Lei. "Liu Jun, this is my wife. " He added to Lin Lei, "This is Liu Jun. weve interacted before. "

Song Yi recalled Lin Leis instructions and pulled Liu Jun aside. He told Liu Jun the whole story and what he was thinking.

Liu Jun listened to Song Yis words and looked at Lin Lei carefully. This woman was not simple.

This case was considered the only one in the city. So many had been rescued, and there were still dozens that had been sold. He had not gone to look for them!

Song Yi was more at ease with how Liu Jun handled things. The two of them briefly discussed the rest of the matters.

Song Yi couldnt help heaving a sigh of relief and brought everyone back to the army through the mountains.

When Song Yi came back into the house, he saw that she had already fallen asleep. She took off her clothes and hugged Lin Lei as she fell asleep.

Thinking about the things that had happened in the past two days, it was like a dream. Her stomach was growling, and when she looked up, it was already nine oclock.

She got up to wash her face and went to the kitchen to take a look. She decided to make some soup noodles. It was delicious and fast.
The mixed noodles were a little more harmonious. If Song Yi woke up, she could cook it for him.

Song Yi woke up when Lin Lei got up. When he smelled the aroma of the food, he couldnt lie down anymore.

He walked over slowly and hugged Lin Lei from behind. "Whats your wife doing? "

"Why are you up? Dont you want to sleep more? " Lin Lei put the cucumbers into the plate and turned around to say with a smile.

"Let go of me first. Ill fry the peanuts. When the fire gets too hot, the oil will spill out. "

Lin Lei recalled that Song Yi had eaten boiled fish last time and drank so much spring water. Now that Song Yi knew the space, she could also ask him.

Song Yi thought to himself that the last time he washed so much, it had something to do with Lin Lei.

Lin Lei turned around to look at Song Yi and said in a light tone, "its said that the spiritual spring water of the space has the effect of beauty and purification. "

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