My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 32 - Chapter 32[32] is settled
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 32 - Chapter 32[32] is settled

After taking a shower, Lin Lei looked at the food ingredients in her space. Without meat, it was just food and vegetables. Suddenly, she thought of the fish she bought last time.

Oh right, she made the fish song rice that her mother used to cook for her when she was young.

If she had transmigrated, would her parents still be together in this life?

When she had time, she would go back and take a look. She had to change her mothers body so that her father wouldnt regret it for the rest of his life. As for herself, she would just be their friend.

She took out the space to produce rice and made rice. After marinating the fish, she placed it in the pot and fried it until it was golden yellow.

Song Yi waited for Lin Lei for two minutes before Lin Lei appeared. She held two plates in her hands and quickly took them over.

Song Yi immediately picked up his chopsticks to eat.

Lin Lei used her spiritual power to observe when she spoke. When she saw that no one was peeking, she also started eating. She remembered that there were so many things in the space. When she returned, she would discuss it with Song Yi and see what he could do.

"Ill call them. You went to the kitchen to Cook Porridge. Dont use your stuff, " Song Yi reminded them.

Song Yi woke Wang Ming and Chen Bing up and specifically told them that there were many women here. He asked them to bring some clothes, doctors, cars and so on.

Wang Ming and Chen Bing finished eating and set off, trying to come back in the afternoon.

If they hadnt come, they wouldnt know when such a day would have passed.

Seeing that Song Yi wasnt around, Ma Jiao Sheng turned around and went into the house, without even thanking him.

"Qin Li, I was kind enough to give you porridge to drink, but you didnt appreciate it. Forget it, you even threw the porridge at me. If you ask me, you deserve it. "

Hearing this, Lin Lei immediately entered the house and saw the bowls shattering on the ground. Qin Li glared at Ma Jiao.

This was not the way classmates interacted with each other, it was more like they were enemies.

Ill take care of her. She cant be provoked like this."

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