My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 10 - Chapter 10, space 2
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 10 - Chapter 10, space 2

Lin Lei was the female protagonist of this plane. The female protagonist was in danger in the plane and could use her own energy to save the plane she was in.

When the apocalypse broke out, there were many functions of the space, the most basic of which was cleansing the marrow and meridians.

In the previous life, the last incarnation obtained the space and used it to make herself beautiful.

The previous incarnation had liked handsome men and wanted to take in any handsome men in the apocalypse. Later, those who could not be offended were killed, and the jade pendant space fell into a deep sleep without its master in charge.

After several years of the jade pendant waking up, she had once again chosen the female protagonist, which was herself. She was in the apocalypse at that time.

The jade pendant had woken up, and it had no energy. She had only used it as a simple space to store resources...

Seeing this, Lin Lei could not help but swear, "God, Ill spray you to death with a mouthful of salted soda. Dont tell me you want me to be the savior? I thought there would be no apocalypse after rebirth, but in the end, I have to experience it again."

God did not hear Lin Leis ridicule...

She continued to read on. Space without power was only at the most basic level now. If she wanted to prevent things from happening, she had to level up the space... leveling up required energy stones...

What the hell was an energy stone?

The space notification sounded, "Space is a basic level random gift of a spirit spring, a large amount of land, and a spatial system spirit pet. Would the host like to activate a spirit pet?"

Spirit pet? Space was too mystical. No matter what, it had been given it to her for free, and she did not understand this space at all. It was just nice to have a helper who could solve this urgent problem.

The space notification sounded, "Because the host has taken for too long to decide, the space has chosen to activate by default. "

Lin Lei had no words to describe this space.

Suddenly, it was under the light. After the light dissipated, a furry cat appeared on the ground.

Thats right, it was a beautiful tabby cat. Lin Lei could not help but complain, "Whats the use of a cat?"

"Master, I can help master take care of the space. Although Im very small, when the space upgrades, my functions will also increase."

"Then help me take a look. Where did I put the things I collected in the past?" Lin Lei had not forgotten that she had entered the space to look for things.

"Masters things are all in the warehouse. I have records here. Master can see if there is anything that you need. Master can come out as long as you want. If you dont need it, you can just leave it in the warehouse. The system will sort it out automatically."

Hearing the pets explanation, Lin Lei recited the clothes that she wanted fatty to wear. She had collected many things back then, so she had a rough idea of what they were.
A large clothes hanger instantly appeared. From underwear to outer clothes, there was basically everything here. This was much more convenient. She had collected them in the past and had not even looked at them carefully.

Lin Lei picked out a few clothes that should be worn in this era. They werent too eye-catching, so she kept the rest in the warehouse.

"How do I convert this space and time to the outside world?" Lin Lei hurriedly asked. She was afraid that Song Yi would be suspicious if she went out too late. Right now, she was just living with Song Yi. There was no need to say anything about the space. It was the same everywhere.

"Master, a minute outside of the space is equal to 100 minutes in the space. Moreover, if master is in danger, you can enter the space. The danger stays where it comes from. In the future, there will be some changes when you level up."

Lin Lei understood after hearing this. There was this function in the eschatology space. It was because there were too many eschatology abilities, and they were especially afraid of mental power abilities.

Lin Lei had been moving with the team, so she had not exposed the space. When she died, she did not remember because of inertia.

After Lin Lei finished explaining things to the pet cat, she left the space and told the cat to come in later. She was needed to get back because she was afraid that Song Yi would suddenly come in and find that there was no one in the bathroom. That would be bad.

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