My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 9 - Chapter 9, Space 1
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9, Space 1

Wang Mei was a little unhappy when she heard this. She was doing this for Li Jian. Bacon was a precious item. In their remote area, one could either go to buy meat by bus or go up the mountain to hunt collectively.

Li Jian was not popular, so he had never gone up the mountain. The main reason was that the two of them were too stingy. No one had the time to call them...

"Got it. Its better to deal with them early than later. Look at his wife, shes so fat. She doesnt come from the countryside. She speaks Mandarin very well."

Li Jian thought of Lin Feng when he heard this. He had actually dared to save someone under such dangerous conditions. If it was him, he wouldnt have dared. He had seen many people die like a lamp going out. The steel factory wouldnt give too much pension either.

"Shes Lin Fengs sister. Lin Feng died because of Song Yi, and his sister even married him." Li Jian felt indignant in his heart. He blamed Song Yi for being good-looking, and all the young ladies loved to look at him.

He went to the health center to get some medicine, and the nurse, Hua Song E, even asked about him.

He was jealous and had never told Song Yi, and had always been perfunctory with that girl.

Lin Leis neighbor didnt go to bed so early either. Sun Li was thinking about the bowl of rice.

She wondered if Lin Lei would return it tomorrow, as her own family didnt have much rice either.

She thought that the family was so difficult because of her mother-in-laws domineering attitude. A mans salary was less than 30 yuan, and he would definitely send half of it back every month.

She had just moved into the family building this year as her mother-in-law was really torturing her at home. She hadnt even finished her confinement and had to work. Her son hadnt had a full meal since he had been weaned...

When Sun Li thought of this, she felt that she was happy now. After leaving that home, both she and her son had gained weight.

Lin Lei did not know about the affairs of these two houses. She was only worried about how she was going to sleep now. Previously, she had a fever and was in a daze. She did not know how she was going to sleep.

It was early summer and the weather was hot. If they were not in the same room, it would be fine. However, if they were in the same room, how could they sleep in the same bed? If they wore too much, it would be too hot.

Wasnt the man full of vigor trying to seduce her into sleeping with him?

When she thought of this, she missed the clothes in the space even more. Lin Lei tried to contact the space. The space relied on spiritual power. After contacting it for a while, she finally felt a trace of connection. In order to not let Song Yi discover it, Lin Lei quickly went to the bathroom.

The space used to be a jade pendant. It should have shattered when she exploded. However, she remembered a ray of light after the explosion.

She quickly checked her body and found a birthmark on her lower back that was exactly the same shape as the jade pendant.
Recalling that she used to hold the jade pendant and enter, Lin Lei placed her hand on the birthmark and muttered, "Go in."

Lin Lei disappeared on the spot. The space was much larger than before. In the past, there were only a few hundred square meters to store things.

Now, she could not forget the end. If she listened carefully, she could hear the sound of water.

Following the sound, she found a fountain in front of her. What a beautiful fountain.

There was a small bamboo house behind the fountain. These were all things that had not been there before. Then, were the materials that she had collected before still be there?

Pushing open the door, there were all kinds of things on the bed. It was as if they had been prepared for this. What was going on? How did the space become like this!

At that moment, a white light appeared. Many words appeared on the wall. Lin Lei read one line after another. After reading, Lin Lei understood.

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