My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 8 - Chapter Eight, protecting 2nd Xiu
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 8 - Chapter Eight, protecting 2nd Xiu

Although his wife was very fat and looked very strong, he still felt that it was unlikely. The tables at home were made of solid wood. If he wanted to smash them, he would need to put in a lot of effort!

Hearing these words, Lin Lei blushed for the original owner. Her body was indeed very strong. She was carrying over 200 kilograms of excess weight.

However, this was also good. If a woman was weak, she would not feel safe.

"Its true. My strength is no less than my brothers. Since I was young, no one in the village has been able to beat me... of course, my brother can definitely beat me now."

So it turned out that it was true that she had smashed three tables... His wifes strength was a little too strong. It was different from what he had imagined.

In his opinion, everyone was at fault for what had happened at home. At that time, he wasnt by her side and everyone said that he was right. However, in that family, it was likely that his wife had suffered more grievances. His parents had been biased since he was young, and this was something that he was very clear about. Moreover, Lin Lei wasnt close to them. Werent they all pretentious and soft-hearted?

Song Yi didnt realize that his heart had already deviated unknowingly.

Song Yi said, "Then lets talk about it. Are you still going to get a divorce? If you dont feel good about consummating the marriage, we can delay it. After all, youre still young. We can wait until your birthday is over next year."

The reaction on Lin Leis face just now, clearly showed that there was something wrong when she heard about consummating her marriage. She was still young, so she had to mature first. He was such a beast...

When Lin Lei heard this, she thought about it. It was better than going back to the countryside. Divorce or remarriage in the 1980s would make people drool. Her predecessors reputation was bad, and her predecessor had parents. She couldnt just ignore it. After transmigrating, she had to fulfill her duty as a child.

"First, you have to get my consent to consummate our marriage. Second, you have to protect me no matter what I do in the future. If you go against my wishes, well get a divorce. Theres no room for negotiation in these two matters."

When Song Yi heard this, he wondered why he felt like he had been abducted by his wife?!

Forget it, he just had to stay here now. After the consummation of the marriage, he would act accordingly.

"Alright, Ill listen to you, wife."

Lin Lei looked at Song Yis eyes that were full of sincerity, but in her heart, she felt that he was a black-bellied person. She had already proposed a divorce, but Song Yi did not agree.

Her body was fat, round, and not ugly, but she was definitely not beautiful. Even if she lost weight, she would only be average-looking.

In terms of looks, Song Yi was much better. Lin Lei did not know that Song Yi liked her to be round. After a long time, Lin Lei lost weight, and Song Yi kept complaining. But these were all future matters.
"Then where will you sleep at night? Why dont you sleep in the room next door?"

"I think theres a single bed. It should be ok for one person."

When Song Yi heard this, he could not agree to this. He felt that if he went, it would be very difficult for him to sleep with Lin Lei. He looked at her disdainful eyes.

"No, if outsiders see this, how will they look at you and me? Dont worry, if I say I wont touch you, I wont touch you! Based on all these years, you have to believe me!"

When Lin Lei heard this, she felt that even if he wanted to, based on her own skills, she would not be at a disadvantage. So she tidied up the room and prepared to sleep.

Song Yis heart was moving. He felt that Lin Lei had changed into a different person. She used to look at him like a wolf looking at meat.

But now, he could not see that gaze in Lin Leis eyes. There was an indescribable strangeness.

Upstairs, Wang Mei was coaxing the child to sleep. She lay on the bed thinking of Lin Lei, whom she had met this afternoon. She pushed Li Jian who was beside her.

"I sent some food to Song Yis wife this afternoon. Do you think Song Yi will definitely be promoted this time?"

Li Jian was in a daze. When he heard this, he was not very comfortable. They had both entered the factory in the same year. If Song Yi had not been promoted, it would have been him.

Of course, he couldnt say this to his wife. He didnt want her to think that he was bad. As a man with pride, he didnt want to continue talking to his wife.

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