My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 7 - Chapter Seven, protect and repair
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 7 - Chapter Seven, protect and repair

"Song Yi, eat first. After you finish eating, I have something to tell you."

Song Yi watched Lin Lei silently eat with a bowl and chopsticks. The food tasted pretty good. It was rare for her to eat such delicious food.

The reason why the food was not usually delicious was that she was not careful when cooking. Lin Lei was obviously careful.

No, didnt her mother say that she did not know how to do anything?

Was there something that she did not know?

Lin Lei ate very seriously. She basically could not hear any sound. From her newly combed hair to her clean clothes, she immediately gave off a different feeling.

The collar of her shirt was very big, and from this angle, one could see the snow-white softness...

Song Yis face was hot. What was wrong with him? He had never been like this before. He was afraid that Lin Lei would notice something, so he immediately looked away whilst eating.

After eating, Lin Lei simply tidied up the dishes in the kitchen. She calmed herself down and planned to tell Song Yi about her plans for a divorce.

In her heart, Song Yi was not bad, but she was not the original owner. The original owner liked Song Yi, and she did not. In her eyes, Song Yi was a stranger whom she had met twice.

"Song Yi, let me get a divorce!"

Song Yi was still daydreaming about Lin Lei when he suddenly heard Lin Leis words and was stunned.

Whats going on? She was the one who wanted to get married, and now she wants a divorce Why was it that now the entire village knows about it, she wants a divorce?

Could it be that she came here to see the hardships of the environment and regrets not liking me? It was said that women were fickle and changed every day...

"Whats the fuss now? Didnt I promise you that Id consummate the marriage with you when youre feeling better? Whats the fuss now? Didnt I explain earlier that I was in a hurry to return to the steel factory?"

Consummate the marriage! That was a bolt from the blue. He had just woken up and said that he would agree. He was talking about this matter. Having sex with him...

She could not consummate the marriage and did not have any feelings for him. She came from the 21st century. Although that era was a very open era, she had not had anything to do with any man.

Before the apocalypse broke out, there were many girls and many boys. She was pretty, but because of her high ability, no one dared to have any ideas about her. Because she said that the only person she wanted to marry was a woman. If anyone wanted to change her heart, she would kill them. So, she was always a single dog... When she died, she was still a virgin... Now that she thought about it...

"I said that in a fit of anger. I know that your family doesnt like me. They think that I eat too much, but I can work. Why shouldnt I have enough to eat every day? "

Lin Lei recounted the incident without blushing or panting.
Consummating a marriage definitely wouldnt work. Although Song Yi wasnt bad, it definitely wouldnt work before she fell in love with him.

"Not giving you food to eat? Dont I send money home? I sent thirty. In the past, I only sent fifteen or twenty."

Song Yi felt that this was a little too much from his family. Thirty Yuan was enough for several people to eat. Lin Feng was gone because he had saved him. If he wasnt around, there wouldnt be anyone at home to send money.

"When I went back home, my mother asked me to go back early to help your family farm. So be it, I hadnt packed much, so I came back here. When I got back, I saw everyone eating dumplings when I entered the house. Later, my sister-in-law sent me dumplings. I thought they had leftovers, so I ate them. In the end, I heard them say bad things about me in the middle of the night."

In order to not consummate the marriage and to avenge her predecessor, Lin Lei told him everything.

"They said I ate too much. No wonder I was so fat. They said it was a loss have married me. My mother-in-law even said I took the room... in their eyes, Im just an outsider, an outsider who married into the family... "

Song Yi listened with mixed feelings. Can I eat?

He had sent money. Not only was his wife able to eat, but the entire family was also able to eat.

Since the family hadnt split up, he had to earn his own money and hand it over to his parents. His elder brother had given all the money he earned from his marriage to his wife, and he was even partnering with his parents to eat.

He wasnt at home and couldnt control them, but he had clearly sent money, and they were treating his wife like this. He couldnt help but clench his fists in anger. He had originally thought that the attitude of his family towards him had changed. Now that he thought about it, it actually hadnt changed. It was just that they had gone back less often, so they could pretend... ...

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