My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 5 - Chapter Five: dating
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 5 - Chapter Five: dating

Although the room was small, everything was there. The furniture was a little shabby. It was probably left behind by the previous owner.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Sister, are you home? Open the door."

The womans voice was not loud, but it felt gentle. Calling her sister, did she know the original owner?

Lin Lei opened the door. She saw a woman in her thirties standing outside the door. Her face was very dark, but she looked very delicate and pretty. She was holding a bag in her hand.

"Sister, my surname is Wang. My name is Wang Mei! I live next door to you. Our husbands are in the same class."

"Oh, sister Wang, please go inside and sit down. Dont stand outside the door," Lin Lei said as she opened the door, wanting to let her in.

"Dont worry, sister. I still have to go home to cook. This bag is for your family. Its for cooking. I know you just moved in, so therell be nothing at home."

After saying that, the sister pushed the bag in front of Lin Lei, afraid that she would not take it.

"Its nothing special, just some home-cooked food. In our place, anyone who moves here will be given something. This is the etiquette of the place."

"Big sister, Im so sorry." Lin Lei deliberately declined.

Who knew what kind of relationship they had? She had just come here and did not know anything.

"Sister, just accept it!" Wang Meis attitude was very sincere.

The womans expression was determined. It would not be good if she did not take it. In the end, Lin Lei decided to accept it. When she had looked at the kitchen just now, there was nothing. She did not know what she was going to cook for dinner.

"Thank you, big sister. Ill tidy up the house some other day and invite you to dinner? big sister, you must come!"

Lin Lei thought about it. Regardless of the purpose of sending something, she should treat the other party to a meal.

When Wang Mei heard Lin Leis words, she was happy. This Song Yi heard that he was going to be promoted to deputy director soon, and he was going to be Li Jians leader soon.

Two days ago, she had wanted to visit. Later, she heard from Li Jian that Lin Lei was sick the moment she arrived, so she didnt dare to disturb her.

"Okay, sister. Ill go home and cook. If you need any help, let me know. Ill be upstairs."

Seeing that Wang Mei had turned around and gone upstairs, Lin Lei closed the door.

She placed the bag on the table and opened it. There was a cabbage and a few potatoes. There were some onions, ginger, garlic, and a small piece of bacon.

It seemed that big sister Wang had put in some effort to deliver the food. These were all needed now, and it was just enough to make a dish.

Lin Lei went to the kitchen and took a look. There was oil, salt, soy, and vinegar in the cupboard. There were also bowls, chopsticks, and pots that were quite complete, but she could not find any rice. Song Yi probably did not expect to start cooking so soon.
She looked at the sky. At this time of the apocalypse, everyone had started cooking.

Lin Lei took Wang Meis things to the kitchen. In the apocalypse, they basically ate biscuits and some compressed food. Rice and vegetables were not easy to obtain.

This was Lin Leis first time cooking after leaving the apocalypse. She thought that she must have a good meal.

First, she sliced the cabbage, preserved meat, onions, and ginger into shreds.

She opened the liquefied gas and placed the pot on it. It was an old-fashioned liquefied gas tank. Lin Lei remembered seeing it at her grandmothers house when she was a child. She used a match to light the fire and placed it on top. Then, she opened the liquefied gas and the flame lit up.

She put the oil and the shredded ginger and onion inside. After the fragrance had come out, she added the preserved meat, stir-fried it, and added the cabbage. She stir-fried it for a while to make the cabbage soft. Then, she added water, soy sauce, and salt. Finally, she boiled the soup and it was ready to simmer. It had been a long time since she had cooked. Her technique was a little stiff, but it still looked good...

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