My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 4 - Chapter Four, top-grade Family 2 Xiu
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 4 - Chapter Four, top-grade Family 2 Xiu

"What should we do? Our son isnt at home. Our boss has to go out to work every day. Its useless even if our third brother is at home. Its just the few of us. Sigh!"

He didnt say the next sentence. If Lin Lei wanted to deal with them, it would probably be a matter of a few punches... ...

Song Qians face was pale. "Father, I think we should split up."

That damn fatty was so scary. If they did not split up, it was hard to guarantee that something big would not happen. It was unlikely that anyone in this family could beat her, except for her second brother.

Tang Shufens eyes were wide open. "SPLIT UP? No way! Besides, your second brother wants to give her money. What are you guys going to do? Your third brother is studying, and the girl has to prepare her dowry. At the time, your second brother said that her family did not want the dowry, and I was so happy for the whole night. Who knew it would be such a piece of trash."

Her heart was full of regret. Stealing a chicken did not work out. If she had known earlier, she would have let that little b*stard stay single!

Li Hui smiled. "How about this? First, Ill send a telegram to Song Yi and ask him to come back when he has time. Then, Ill try my best to satisfy her during these few days. When Song Yi comes back, Ill try my best to get a divorce between the two of them. Father and Mother, what do you think?"

She had already made up her mind. This year, her aunt had originally wanted to bring her cousin, Li Min, to Song Yi, but in the end, Cheng Yaojin suddenly appeared out of nowhere and accepted the 50 yuan. She had even had to send it back. It was practically cutting off her flesh. Therefore, she decided that she had to ruin their marriage. Such a good man, why wasnt he hers?

Tang Shufen nodded. "This is the only way." She glanced at the old man and knew that he was angry, so she didnt say anything more.

When she heard this, Lin Lei closed the door and thought, Sure your family schemed against me, your son didnt consummate our marriage, your parents and siblings schemed to eat and drink, and my family didnt want the dowry because they didnt want Song Yi and me to be unhappy."

Before she got married, her mother even gave her a hundred yuan as a last resort. She didnt want to tell anyone, but this comparison made her want to get a divorce, Hmph Ill kill you all! Ill eat you all to death!

From this day on, the original owner, Lin Lei, was going to kill Song Yis family. She did not wash their clothes and ate meat for every meal. Other than going to the toilet, she did not come out. If she resisted, she would hit the table.

Two of the tables were broken, and her weight had increased by 140 kilograms. It was not until two months later when Song Yi returned that he took the original owner back to the steel factory, despite his familys objections.

The original owner was not used to the weather in the city from her hometown. She had a fever and was causing trouble with Song Yi, making it impossible for him to work. Once she fell asleep, he could begin.
Lin Leis general opinion was, this girl is also a real person. However, if she didnt make trouble, she wouldnt be able to come...

Thinking about how she could leave the post-apocalyptic world, she didnt have to worry about what to eat, how many zombies to kill, and clean water to drink every day.

She stretched out her hand and sat up, slowly moving along the bed to stand up. Her head was still a little dizzy, and it was obvious that the sky was going to turn dark soon. Sigh, I must be over 160 pounds. How lazy and gluttonous must I be to have grown so much fat?

She did not know what he looked like. The house was not big. It had two rooms and a living room. The living room was not big, and there was basically no furniture. It looked like he had just moved in. There was a small room in the middle, which should be the bathroom.

Lin Lei moved over to settle some important matters in her life. She looked at the wall. There was a small mirror left behind. It was very shabby and she could barely her reflection.

She looked at the chubby face in the mirror... Her face was not black, her eyelids were double-lidded, and the bridge of her nose was very high. Her two big braids were quite festive. Her face would probably look better if it was thinner...

She washed her face, combed her hair, and stopped showering. She was still in a daze, so she didnt want to faint.

She simply wiped her body and went out to look for clothes.

When she opened her bag, everything was either red or green. She simply couldnt bear to look at it. It was easy to find pants, but now that she was wearing baggy shorts in summer, the clothes were really not decent. She barely managed to find a shirt to wear, and the underwear seemed to be just two small vests. The one she took off just now was obviously small and very tight, and the one in her hand was obviously even smaller. In an instant, she was worried again. How would she live the rest of her life?

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