My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Chapter 3 - Chapter Three: the Best of the best
My Mr. Song is extremely protective ( Machine Tran
Author :The snow of an iceberg
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Chapter 3 - Chapter Three: the Best of the best

"Mothers rice is so thin that I cant eat my fill."

Tang Shufen threw the pickled vegetable plate on the table.

"CANT EAT MY FILL? Youre not the only one who cant eat your fill. How can we eat our fill? Why dont you do anything at home? Do you only think about eating? Are you a pig? No wonder youre so fat. My son is so unlucky to have married you for a lifetime."

The words were too harsh. In fact, Song De also said casually that he could not eat his fill.

"My child is not full. Tomorrow, you cook more and add more rice to the pot. Isnt that enough?"

Lin Lei looked left and right and spoke.

"Why dont we split up? Ill cook this food myself. This way, my mother-in-law wont have to worry about me."

She thought to herself, If I dont eat your rice, you wont have the right to criticize me.

Tang Shufen looked at her with contempt.

"SPLIT UP? Do you have food to eat? Can you farm? What can you do? Do you know how to cook? "

She was so fat that she definitely wouldnt work at home. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. She had just entered the house and was already thinking about splitting up. Why didnt she stuff herself to death!

Lin Lei was so angry that she put the empty bowl on the table.

"I can learn things that I dont know. You can just give me the money Song Yi sent. I can go out and live alone. You dont have to worry about it."

When Tang Shufen heard this, she slammed the table angrily.

"Why should I give you the money my son earns? You want to split up after three days. Let me tell you, I dont agree. If you mention splitting up again, you can quickly pack up your junk and get lost!"

Her mother-in-law was so angry that she bared her teeth and brandished her claws. Li Hui, who was at the side, smiled like a tiger.

"Sister-in-law, I dont want to criticize you. Ive been in the family for three years, and I havent broken up with anyone. Why do you want to split up? Other families only split up after losing their elders. Its impossible for our family to be split up now. Well be laughed at by the villagers. Dont you understand? As expected, youre still too young. You always think of yourself as free and unfettered. If everyone was like you, would you still let the elders in the village live?"

Lin Lei heard what they said, and in a moment of anger, she flipped the table.

"Why? Just because Im Song Yis wife, and my brother lost everything because he saved Song Yi, does this family have to be split up? Without my brother, Song Yi wouldnt be here. Think about it. Im your familys great benefactor."

Song De stood up and shouted loudly.

"Second brothers family, what do you want to do? If this family isnt divided, Ill still be in charge. Its not your turn!"

"Alright, dont force me. Im not easy to bully." After saying that, she slapped the solid wooden table with one hand, and it actually cracked...
Lin Lei turned around and went out of the house, leaving everyone dumbstruck. They all stared at the cracked table.

"You, old man, quickly send a telegram to tell your son to come back." Tang Shufen was so angry that she was trembling. Who would have thought that Lin Lei would be so strong that the solid wooden table would crack just like that? It was too scary.

"Even if Mother sent a telegram, I might not have a holiday even if I wanted to come back. The factory is very busy you know." Song Qian was so scared that she was crying. This sister-in-law was too scary. Last night, her father wanted to let them stay in the same room. She didnt want to. If sister-in-law went crazy... Strangling her to death was like playing with her.

"Girl, youre right. This time, I heard from my son that hes going to be promoted to deputy factory director. Speaking of which, if it wasnt for Lin Fengs help, Song Yi wouldnt have been able to come back!" After saying that, Song De sighed. He felt that his family had really married an ancestor. Now, he couldnt send this ancestor back. He was really worried to death.

The fact that Lin Lei had smashed the table without a word frightened the old Song family.

"Is there anyone at home? Is Shufen at home?"

The door was pushed open from the outside. An aunt wearing a black jacket and blue pants came in. It was the neighbor next door, aunt Liu.

When Liu Ying entered and saw that the house was full of wolves, she couldnt help but sigh.

"Whats wrong? Why do you look so awful? I heard your family arguing in the courtyard just now, so I came to take a look."

Lin Lei heard someone coming from the house and suddenly wanted to hear what they had said after she left.

So she quietly opened the door and eavesdropped.

"Its that second daughter-in-law. She wants to split up the family and hit the table. Look, the table is broken." Tang Shufen touched her chest after she finished speaking and finally calmed down.

"As expected, the rumor is true. Yesterday, my married daughter came home. Her aunt came to my house. When we were chatting, I told them that Xiao Yi is marrying Lin Lei," Liu Ying said excitedly.

"Guess what my daughters aunt said. Youll never guess."

"What did she say? Aunt, youre going to say its so worrying." Li Hui anxiously grabbed aunt Lius arm with all her strength.

Aunt Liu felt a pain in her arm and quickly pulled it away. As she rubbed her arm, she said, "Hui, you pinched aunts flesh. Her aunt said that Lin Leis name was known in her village and several nearby villages. She could eat and fight, and she could eat two Jin of grain in a meal. When she was ten years old, she dared to beat up the villages old thief, Er Lazi. That Er Lazi had been stealing for years. No one caught him, and Lin Lei, a ten-year-old girl, took care of him. Every family in Lin village knows about this."

Hearing aunt Lius words, everyone in the Song family couldnt help but gasp. Lin Lei was really too scary... Was it too late to return the goods now?

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