Wolf Hubby XOXO
Chapter 49 - Touching Is No Big Deal
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 49 - Touching Is No Big Deal

Chapter 49: Touching Is No Big Deal
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Gu Mengmeng looked at the roasted rabbit Elvis had handed to her and asked, as if she was wrong, "Leader, do you not like the food I cooked?"
Elvis stopped, he frowned and shook his head.
Why would he not like it? He liked it so much that he would have gobbled it down in one mouth, only god knows how much he treasured it such that he resisted the temptation to keep the roasted rabbit.
"Then why didnt you eat it?" Gu Mengmeng pouted and looked at Elvis with a pitiful look.
Gu Mengmengs big eyes looking at Elvis had distracted him. He could only stretch out his slender fingers and casually stroked Gu Mengmengs hair. Looking at her furry head, he could not help but feel a strange sense of satisfaction.
"I saved it for you in case you feel hungry after a while," Elvis did not even know how gentle and sweet he sounded at that moment.
Gu Mengmeng sighed silently. It was really difficult to survive in the Beast World, even someone as wickedly handsome as Leader know the head-shot kill. What if she could not resist... Damn, how is this different from teasing the husky in the neighborhood?
Gu Mengmeng shook her head inside her heart and repeatedly told herself, "I am a good person believing in socialism, my morals are upright. Zoophilia and stuff, its okay to watch cartoons about it, but in real life... Well, she herself could not do it anyway."
Elvis did not know what Gu Mengmeng was thinking, but looking at her shaking her head, he thought that she did not believe him. He panicked and was at a loss of what to do. Under the emergency situation, he stuffed the entire roasted rabbit into his mouth and showed that he did not dislike Gu Mengmengs cooking by actions.
Gu Mengmeng looked at Elvis suddenly choking himself and was utterly confused. Did everyone in the Beast World act like this? Any disagreement and someone will commit suicide? Choking to death... It was quite a unique way to die.
Just as Gu Mengmeng was stunned, Elvis had swallowed the entire roasted rabbit down his throat.
The taste...
As if he had open the gate to a brand new world.
He did not know meat could be eaten like this.
Elvis could not describe the excitement he felt. He held Gu Mengmengs small shoulders tightly and brought her into his arms. He said in the most affectionate voice, "It was so delicious!"
What the heck!
Gu Mengmeng almost bit her tongue.
It was an eye-opener to hear someone saying "It was so delicious" more affectionately than "I love you" in her lifetime!
"Le... Leader, I can always make for you in the future if you like it." Gu Mengmeng resisted her disobedient little heart and repeatedly stressed to herself , "Elvis is a husky, Elvis is a husky~".
Thats right, Elvis is a husky.
Thinking about that, hugging and touching are no big deals~
"No." Elvis rested his chin on Gu Mengmengs furry head and stroked her head seemingly casually, but in reality, he almost could not contain his excitement and said, "In the future, I will cook for you, I got to take care of you as I am Leader after all."
Gu Mengmeng gave two thumbs-up to Elvis with shining eyes and said in the most sincere tone, "You are the best Leader in the whole universe and in the entire history of mankind!"
Elvis could not understand much in this whole string of compliments.
But Gu Mengmengs worshiping expression had solidly delighted Elvis.
He lifted the corners of his lips in a proud curvature.
Elvis looked at the fire pit that was carefully attended to by Barete and grinned wickedly while confidently: Why would he lose to Gu Mengmengs other pursuers? Its impossible... in any field.
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