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Chapter 45 - Nina Wanted to Divorce
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 45 - Nina Wanted to Divorce

Chapter 45: Nina Wanted to Divorce
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Quentin withdrew his hands that was already stretched out halfway.
Originally, he could have tied with Barete, even winning if he used his full strength, but with his broken arm now, he could never win Barete.
Moreover, Gu Mengmeng not only had Barete around her but also Elvis and Lea.
Looking at Quentin slowly putting down his hands and finally clenching it into fists, Lea let out a slightly disappointed cluck of his tongue and said, "I thought you would be willing to give me a chance to show off."
Quentin did not answer. He locked his brows and made eye contact with Nina whom was lying in front of him.
Nina had heard the full conversation between Lea and Quentin, but she did not think that Quentin had remained silent to help her. Instead, she felt Quentin was a timid coward, allowing Gu Mengmeng to bully her because he was scared of Barete, Elvis and Lea.
Nina dared not to vent her anger at Lea and Elvis, but she would not be so polite in front of Quentin.
Lying on the ground, Nina hit the ground with her hand forcefully to show her anger. Her chicken-eyes turned round from glaring and she pointed her finger at Quentins nose, scolded fiercely, "You useless piece of trash that cant even settle small matters. Now you are just going to watch me getting bullied?! I dont have a male as useless as you, I am going to divorce with you, I will!"
Quentin did not answer. He looked at the frenzied Nina deeply with restraint, a look that made people pitied him.
How many things did he do for Nina that were against his personal beliefs? Even if he was going to be abandoned by the Beast Deity, he had done everything to make Nina happy.
But, this was her second time saying she was going to divorce with him...
Ninas words had resulted in a strange silence at the scene. Even the males fighting intensely with the two other partners of Nina had stopped and looked at the Platform of the Deitys Punishment, frowning.
It was indeed detestable for Quentin to lay his hands on Gu Mengmeng, but he was willing to withstand everyones anger to do it all for Nina.
But Nina said she was going to divorce with him... This had made everyone disappointed. Even the Door Gods that were beaten to the ground looked at Quentin with pity.
But Nina was unmoved. She supported her weight with her elbows and sat on the ground, panting. Resembling a shrew scolding on the streets, Nina pointed to Quentin and scolded, "I was willing to mate with you in the past only because you could fly. And now? Your wings are broken. Are wingless eagles considered eagles? You answer it yourself! Whats more, one of your arms are broken too, a disabled beast like you cant even be compared to a half-orc, what do I need you for? We might as well divorce today, and from today onwards, you shall never introduce yourself as my partner!"
Gu Mengmeng felt angry by just listening, but before she could go up and rebut Nina, Sandy held Gu Mengmengs arm and shook her head.
Gu Mengmeng thought Sandy was worried of her stirring up trouble, so she patted the back of Sandys hand and assured, "Its alright, I am not scared of her!"
Sandy pulled Gu Mengmeng who was about to dash back out. With a troubled look, she whispered into Gu Mengmengs ears, "Dont go, you cant help Quentin."
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