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Chapter 44 - Gu Mengmeng Abused Her Power to Bully Others
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 44 - Gu Mengmeng Abused Her Power to Bully Others

Chapter 44: Gu Mengmeng Abused Her Power to Bully Others
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After the troublesome males were dealt by Elvis, Gu Mengmeng instantly got up from the ground and stood half a step behind Elvis with an expression resembling an evil person achieving his ambition. She held her head high and looked at Nina with a manner even more arrogant than the way Nina had looked at Sandy. She said,
8220;Ugly monster, you were so arrogant just now, weren 8217;t you? Come, now tell me, who was the one that has a dubious background? Eh? 8221;
Elvis lifted one eyebrow and with the corner of his eyes, he looked at Gu Mengmeng whom was obviously abusing her power to bully others. That glance was filled with utmost gentleness.
Elvis felt a sense of pride deep down in his heart being able to become her tower of strength.
Hence, this was the first time that Elvis, someone who had always stayed away from troubles stirred up by the females, felt that the conflicts between them were not all that boring and troublesome. He stood on the spot acting like a patron and enjoyed the show put up by Gu Mengmeng.
Originally, Nina already had mental trauma from Gu Mengmeng, she had only dared to provoke Gu Mengmeng because of the presence of all her males, but she never expected Elvis to intervene. Just the two standing together was an impassable Himalaya to her.
Nina was scared. She instinctively wanted to run away but could not tolerate the loss of face especially after Gu Mengmeng 8217;s scream of 8220;ugly monster 8221; that had hurt her sensitive heart. After all, she was the most beautiful female in the entire tribe, how could her beauty be criticized?
So, Nina, with her last bit of courage, her flat chest up and head held high, said, 8220;I... I was speaking to Sandy, what has it got to do with you? 8221;
8220;Sandy is my friend, you talking to her is my business! 8221; Gu Mengmeng hugged Sandy 8217;s shoulders and secretly held her trembling hands, not bothered by the sweaty hands. Gu Mengmeng raised her chins and signaled to Sandy, before asking, 8220;Right, Sandy. 8221;
8220;Y... yes. We are friends. 8221; Sandy was always timid in front of Nina and she still could not look at Nina in the eyes even with Gu Mengmeng backing her up. She could only hide behind Gu Mengmeng like a scared chick.
Gu Mengmeng 8217;s tiny figure could not even cover half of Sandy 8217;s plump body, making the scene a little funny.
But Nina could not be bothered with teasing about their body shapes, she could only feel herself almost blowing up.
She understood if she could not provoke Gu Mengmeng, as that bitch had Elvis and Barete backing her up, but how dare Sandy, as a lowly half-orc, go against her openly? Is the sky falling?
8220;Sandy, come here! 8221; Nina said, while pouncing over to grab Sandy from behind Gu Mengmeng and teach her a lesson.
How could Gu Mengmeng allow her to prevail? At the same time, Nina was pouncing over, Gu Mengmeng had pulled Sandy aside to dodge the attack, while sticking out her leg that sent Nina tripping like a dog eating its feces.
Just nice, she stopped right in front of Quentin.
Quentin wanted to lend a hand to Nina, but his wrist was held by a smooth white hand. With a faint yet charming voice, someone said, 8220;If you are helping Nina up now, this would not remain as a small dispute between the females. Are you confident of winning Barete, Elvis... and me? 8221;
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