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Chapter 40 - Hello, I'm Gu Mengmeng.
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 40 - Hello, I'm Gu Mengmeng.

Chapter 40: Hello, I 8217;m Gu Mengmeng.
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The aroma in the air was already so fragrant and seductive, they now believe more strongly that the delicacy in Gu Mengmeng 8217;s hands that was handled before was definitely incomparably tasty, more tasty than any tastes they could imagine.
Just when Gu Mengmeng was about to eat her second rabbit leg and give a burp of the century under the eyes of the crowd, the males under the Platform of the Deity 8217;s Punishment were pushed aside to make way for a passage. The males who were squeezed to both sides were naturally unhappy but when they realized that it was a female from the tribe, they shook their head out of embarrassment and shifted away on their own accord.
8220;Sandy, we 8217;re sorry, the food that Gu Mengmeng made was seriously too fragrant, so we didn 8217;t notice your smell 8230; 8221; The males apologized while shifting to both sides.
8220;Yeah, it 8217;s fine. 8221; Sandy gave an awkward laugh. Although she was a female and the males in the tribe treated her well, but when compared to the first beauty Nina, Sandy was already used to being neglected. 8220;I smelled the fragrance too, so I came to have a look. 8221;
8220;Whoa whoa, the food that Gu Mengmeng made smelled so delicious. Moreover, Gu Mengmeng 8217;s not only beautiful, she 8217;s also gentle and kind hearted. If you want to eat, you can tell her, I 8217;m sure she won 8217;t reject you! 8221; Gu Mengmeng 8217;s Supporter Number One exclaimed.
8220;Yes yes, I saw that she even shared some with Elvis. She 8217;s already willing to share with a male, females are definitely not a problem. 8221; Gu Mengmeng 8217;s Supporter Number Two added.
Sandy smiled bashfully. She was just attracted by this intriguing aroma but if she really stood in front of Gu Mengmeng, she would be too embarrassed to ask Gu Mengmeng to share the food with her.
After all, she had six males. If she begged others for food, her males would become a laughingstock.
She did not want her males to get ridiculed at not being able to provide for their own female. Because of her, they were already bullied enough by Nina and her partners.
Gu Mengmeng who was still on the platform was full from the meal. She had the typical big eyes but also a small stomach. Just earlier she felt that she could finish a whole cow but now, her stomach clearly told her that her understanding towards herself was not very comprehensive.
Just when she was getting ready to share the leftover rabbit meat with the rest, Gu Mengmeng heard the discussion under the Platform of the Deity 8217;s Punishment. Looking over at the source of the voices, Gu Mengmeng saw Sandy.
Sandy had neat short hair that made her look refreshing and sunny. She had a tranquil and gentle smile, one that was slightly shy but not coy. Her skin was a healthy shade of wheat and she was slightly stocky, between the standards of robust and obese. Although she did not fit the beauty standards in the present world, her chubbiness was quite adorable.
Although both of them were females from Saint Nazaire, there was a clear distinction between Sandy and Nina.
Gu Mengmeng had a natural liking towards cute and meek girls.
After all, being surrounded by a bunch of males for two days, other than Nina this annoying bitch, Sandy was the first female Gu Mengmeng had seen.
Who said that people of the same gender repel? Gu Mengmeng wanted to hold Sandy 8217;s hand so badly to leave a favorable impression and actually carry out an example to tell this world what was regretting not knowing someone earlier and feeling like old friends at the first meeting. Do all of you know that?!
Gu Mengmeng patted her butt after standing up and walked to the end of the Platform of the Deity 8217;s Punishment. Bending her legs, she sat down on the end, her legs dangling naturally off the Platform. Sitting down like this, Gu Mengmeng was taller than Sandy by around a head. She went against the sunlight and stuck out a slim and pale hand towards Sandy, her radiant smile as warm as the sunlight. Many years later, when Sandy recollected that day, she would still smile warmly, mimicking Gu Mengmeng,
8220;Hello, I 8217;m Gu Mengmeng. 8221;
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