Wolf Hubby XOXO
Chapter 38 - Baretes Inferiority
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 38 - Baretes Inferiority

Chapter 38: Baretes Inferiority
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Thus, he nodded his head, allowing her to leave his embrace. However, when she was just less than half a meter away, he already felt the distance between them.
Gu Mengmeng was so hungry until she saw stars flying before her eyes. No matter how many handsome guys were standing in front of her, they could not compare to how good-looking the rabbit meat was.
"Roasted rabbit meat, my favorite~la la la la~" Gu Mengmeng hummed a little song in mixed accents while turning the rabbit meat.
Her self-contentment brought about another wave of shock to all the males in Saint Nazaire.
Gu Mengmeng knew how to sing?!

He started to doubt, was he good enough? Was he really fit to be Gu Mengmengs pursuer?
"Whats wrong?" Gu Mengmeng was more surprised. Barete had always been a straightforward male and had neither concealed anything nor acted bashful. Although his interest towards her came a little sudden and abrupt, but people were this strange. After someone whispered that they liked you for a hundred times, this person would definitely become a little special to you, regardless.
Even if you did not accept him, or did not even give him any response, as long as he did not disappear all of a sudden, you would definitely not adapt to it.

Gu Mengmeng was now like that.
All day long, Barete would wish that he could plant his eyes on Gu Mengmeng so badly. This time, she approached him on her own accord, so why was he avoiding her?
Barete clamped his lips and gave an irrelevant answer after seeing the tree branch that Gu Mengmeng was turning nimbly, "Youre not scared of the Flame... Devil?"
Gu Mengmeng grinned and answered, "As long as you use it appropriately, fire would not become Flame Devil. Look, isnt it helping me roast this rabbit meat lovingly?"
Barete nodded his head on appearance, holding back more thoughts he had in his heart.
When this flame was ignited, he was holding onto the determination of sacrificing himself for her. It was fine even if he was engulfed by the Flame Devil but he definitely could not stand up and run away to prevent the Beast Deity from venting his anger onto Gu Mengmeng. But this determination, to Gu Mengmengs light-heartedness, looked extremely shabby.
He wanted to become a more outstanding male, a male that could match up to Gu Mengmeng.
But now, he was not sure whether he could even survive the Deitys Punishment...
Gu Mengmeng thought that Baretes anomaly was due to his fear towards fire so she heartlessly joked, "Since youre so scared, why didnt you run off just now?"
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