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Chapter 36 - A Female Who Showed Exceptional Concern
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 36 - A Female Who Showed Exceptional Concern

Chapter 36: A Female Who Showed Exceptional Concern
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As expected, superstition had to be cured by another superstition.
Gu Mengmeng was greatly thankful for the frauds she was exposed to in the present world either directly or indirectly that used religions to con others so that she was able to easily bluff these ancient people who had never seen much of the world.
Elvis and Lea exchanged gazes with each other. Elvis had already told Lea about the potential possibility that Gu Mengmeng was a messenger of the Beast Deity so these words from Gu Mengmeng confirmed the suspicion of her identity as a messenger of the Beast Deity.
It 8217;s a pity that Gu Mengmeng herself was not aware that her way of speaking carelessly had caused her image to go far beyond one 8217;s reach so much so that in the near future, a stir would be created in the beast world.
Currently, Gu Mengmeng was just thinking of the rabbit meat that was awaiting to be freshly cooked.
Since they had confirmed Gu Mengmeng 8217;s identity as a messenger of the Beast Deity, Elvis naturally did not doubt her words. Although deep down, he still regarded the Flame Devil with reverence, since Gu Mengmeng had said her words, he was willing to risk his life and give it a try.
Thus, he placed Gu Mengmeng on the ground and tried to approach the flame warily.
The pace Elvis that demon was advancing in was too cautious that Gu Mengmeng could not hold it in any longer. She sighed and simply bypassed Elvis, walking towards the direction of the flame in big strides herself.
Orcs had extremely sharp hearing, and they were not far from Elvis either. Thus, what Gu Mengmeng said was heard by majority of them but they did not know about Gu Mengmeng 8217;s identity as a messenger of the Beast Deity so they kept a 8216;wait-and-see 8217; attitude towards her words.
After all, when females became willful, when had they ever considered the welfare of the tribe?
But just as Gu Mengmeng was walking towards the fire herself, undaunted by it, an incomparable shock could be felt by the onlooking males.
Elvis and Lea who were left behind by Gu Mengmeng felt it more intensely. Even though the petite figure facing the fire was clearly so feeble to the point that it appeared that she could not withstand anything, she gave the appearance of infinite strength at that very moment. They cannot help but follow her steps, trust her and support her.
Meanwhile, Barete and Quentin who were originally kneeling beside the fire felt the shock as though they were struck by lightning. Even Quentin 8217;s heart had grown a sense of awe towards Gu Mengmeng upon seeing her walk towards them. She looked like she had a secret with her and going against her was simply finding one 8217;s death.
Perhaps, Lea 8217;s timely appearance was not a coincidence, it was really meant to be.
The Beast Deity cared exceptionally for this female.
Quentin decided silently in his heart that if he could survive the Deity 8217;s Punishment this time, he would keep his eyes on Nina in the future and not let her provoke this little female.
Gu Mengmeng couldn 8217;t care less about the turbulent waves in their hearts and she just hopped over happily to the fire in twittering steps. In one hand, she grabbed a bunch of dried leaves and threw them into the fire to prevent it from going out and on the other hand, she handed the rest of the wooden stick to Barete who was still kneeling on the rock, 8220;Come, help me to break this into smaller pieces. 8221;
Barete received the wooden stick blankly, exerting strength on both his hands and then the wooden stick was broken into bits with a crack.
Gu Mengmeng 8217;s eyes shimmered like stars in worship and she stuck both her thumb up, praising, 8220;As expected, tough man! Handsome~ 8221;
Generous compliments towards males were non existent in the beast world. So, no matter how many times Gu Mengmeng praised like this with some form of exaggeration and in a slight joking tone, it would still set the hearts of males on fire. It was the same for Barete, Elvis and Lea.
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