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Chapter 30 - Barete Receiving The Punishment
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 30 - Barete Receiving The Punishment

Chapter 30: Barete Receiving The Punishment
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Gu Mengmeng held the piece of untreated rabbit meat and squeezed into the crowd with a mentality to join in the fun.
Although Gu Mengmeng 8217;s physique was tiny, in this beast world where the disparity between the proportion of males and females were wide, males had innate senses towards females. Furthermore, Gu Mengmeng had a unique strong but pleasant scent. Thus, the crowd of males discovered Gu Mengmeng shortly after and shifted towards both sides habitually, making way for her.
8220;Huh? Thank you, thank you~ 8221; People still made way for her even when she just wanted to join in the fun. It was the first time Gu Mengmeng experienced something like this, she expressed her gratitude in a slightly awkward tone as she headed forward. At the other end of the crowd, she saw a familiar figure.
8220;Barete?! 8221; Gu Mengmeng 8217;s eyes widened, her face filled with disbelief.
Barete was kneeling on an enormous rock together with Quentin. The rock was half a person tall with a surface area of approximately five to six square meters. The entire rock was exposed in an open area without any shelter. Who knows how long did Barete and Quentin kneel for, both of their mouths were so dry till their lips cracked but Barete was still kneeling upright, not ruining his strong manly image at all.
However, Quentin who was kneeling beside Barete looked much more tragic. Although his severed arm was not bleeding anymore, he clearly looked more frail as his dry lips were dreadfully pale. Judging by his condition, under this sunlight, let alone evolving back into his original form, he will probably be roasted into barbecued pork in less than three days
And in contrast to the condition of those two males was another male standing on the stone platform. Even though the three of them were all exposed under the sunlight without shelter, his skin appeared to be crystal-clear, as if the sunlight could not inflict any harm on him and instead plate him with a layer of a golden ray.
Vastly different and even further from the image of a descended war lord like Elvis, this male was standing graciously upright, looking like a cold and unreachable flower. His holiness challenged the courage of anyone to have even the slightest sinful thought.
Mr Holy sized Gu Mengmeng up and gave her a small smile, 8220;You 8217;re awake. 8221;
8220;Huh?! 8221; The voice sounded so familiar. Gu Mengmeng was in a trance for a short while before she suddenly realized that this was the voice that gave her an incomparable sense of security last night. When he said 8220;don 8217;t be scared, don 8217;t be scared, everything 8217;s alright 8221;, she was miraculously not scared.
Gu Mengmeng climbed on the stone platform, overjoyed as she went in front of Mr Holy, 8220;You were the one who saved me yesterday right? 8221;
8220;It was a blessing from the Beast Deity that allowed me to find you in time. 8221; The male 8217;s voice was light, but it gladdened the heart like sweet meandering spring water.
Gu Mengmeng smiled brightly, her eyes curving upwards, 8220;I still have to thank you. If it wasn 8217;t for you, I would have lost my life. 8221;
The male did not reply and instead, merely nodded his head with a slight smile.
Gu Mengmeng moved closer to the male and asked softly, 8220;Why is Barete kneeling here? What did he do wrong? 8221;
Mr Holy looked at Gu Mengmeng, then turned to look at Barete before answering, 8220;As your pursuer, he not only failed to accomplish the responsibility of protecting you, he also prevented Tiel and the rest from protecting you, causing Quentin to have the direct opportunity to take advantage of which almost caused your life. This is a grave mistake that needs severe punishment. 8221;
8220;Ah? 8221; Gu Mengmeng felt terribly sorry. She was the one who escaped but the one receiving the punishment was Barete, this was too unfair.
Moreover, Gu Mengmeng did not forget that Elvis once said, the so-called Deity 8217;s Punishment was to stay exposed to sunlight for three days. If he could not endure anymore and evolve back into beast form, his skin would be skinned off.
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