Wolf Hubby XOXO
Chapter 24 - Harboring Ill Intentions 2
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 24 - Harboring Ill Intentions 2

Chapter 24: Harboring Ill Intentions 2
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How about lying down and acting dead? Bears do not eat dead prey right?
But are bears nocturnal animals? Damn it, Gu Mengmeng really regretted not watching 8216;Animal World 8217; properly these few years.
8220;Gu Mengmeng, 8221; Just when Gu Mengmeng was feeling desperate and at unrest, the owner of those green eyes started talking. Although she could not see its face clearly, Gu Mengmeng could clearly feel a chill in the air. Because that was a person who had squeeze out her name word by word from between his teeth, evidently harboring ill intentions.
8220;Who are you? 8221; Gu Mengmeng stepped back out of instinct, her back leaning against a big tree to prevent her stomach and back from being attacked. Picking up a wooden stick at the side and blocking herself from her chest, she stared at the green eyes warily.
As the green eyes approached closer step by step, Gu Mengmeng 8217;s whole body tensed up together with the crunching sound of the leaves getting stepped on.
8220;I 8217;m not going to restrain myself further if you come any closer! 8221; Gu Mengmeng raised the wooden stick, contemplating on whether she could reach the height of the green-eyed person if she jumped.
8220;Not going to restrain yourself? When you attacked Nina, you already did not restrain yourself. 8221; The green-eyed person walked in front of Gu Mengmeng until the distance between them was merely a step.
Gu Mengmeng strained her eyes and managed to see the contour of its face.
Not a bear, not a bear.
Gu Mengmeng heaved a sigh of relief, her brain then quickly starting to operate.
8220;You 8217;re Nina 8217;s male partner? 8221; Gu Mengmeng thought, she had only transmigrated to this world for less than half a day. If there was any foe of hers, there was only Nina.
8220;Yes, I am Nina 8217;s male partner, Quentin. 8221; Quentin said as he grabbed Gu Mengmeng 8217;s neck, his fingers compressing in slowly without an ounce of pity, 8220;When you return to the arms of the Beast Deity, please remember to complain clearly that it 8217;s I, Quentin, who killed you, this has got nothing to do with Nina. 8221;
Even though Gu Mengmeng could not see Quentin 8217;s expression, she could absolutely feel the burning intention to kill herself through her slim neck.
Without any thought, Gu Mengmeng waved the wooden stick mercilessly against Quentin 8217;s head.
There was a cracking sound and the wooden stick split into two. Gu Mengmeng 8217;s arm was numb from the hit but Quentin 8217;s head did not even tilt a single inch.
8220;You hit Nina like that earlier, didn 8217;t you? 8221;
Gu Mengmeng 8217;s strike not only did not create any physical harm to Quentin, it made him more furious.
Gu Mengmeng felt both her legs leaving the ground slowly, and it became harder to breathe
She clutched onto Quentin 8217;s fingers with all her might, aspirating, 8220;I 8217;m 8230; a young female 8230; you 8230; you can 8217;t 8230; can 8217;t kill me 8230; 8221;
8220;If you had stayed in Saint Nazaire, I definitely couldn 8217;t hurt you. Or else I will cause Nina to be banished 8230; but you actually ran out yourself. Without the protection of the tribe who else would know I killed you? 8221; Quentin sniggered coldly, exerting more strength on his hand, 8220;I would not let anyone that hurt Nina off. Even if you 8217;re a young female, you 8217;re no exception. 8221;
Gu Mengmeng was breaking down at the moment, who said males were not allowed to hurt young females?
Who said females were treasured here and that all males would take care and protect them?
Barete, you landed me in great trouble!
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