Wolf Hubby XOXO
Chapter 23 - Harboring Ill Intentions
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 23 - Harboring Ill Intentions

Chapter 23: Harboring Ill Intentions
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Moreover, this ancient forest was scarily quiet. Let alone the sounds of birds chirping or insects creaking, even the blowing of wind could not be heard.
She was too occupied with running away earlier and did not seem to realize that this dark forest was absolutely terrifying when it was quiet. Listening to her deafening heartbeat, Gu Mengmeng forced out a smile to embolden herself, 8220;It 8217;s alright, it 8217;s alright 8230; 8221;
Something broke.
Amidst this complete thick silence, this trivial sound sent a chill down Gu Mengmeng 8217;s spine as she broke out in cold sweat.
8220;Who? Whos 8217; there?! I saw you! 8221; Gu Mengmeng tried to put on a bold front.
A pair of glimmering green eyes appeared amongst the complete dark curtain. Gu Mengmeng 8217;s sight was almost fully blinded in this setting and she was unable to see the other party 8217;s features. She could only figure out the other party 8217;s build from the position of its eyes. This height 8230; a bear?!
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