Wolf Hubby XOXO
Chapter 2 - Elvis
Wolf Hubby XOXO
Author :Su Yunjin
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Chapter 2 - Elvis

Chapter 2: Elvis
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This piece of knowledge had made Elvis delighted, as it meant that if he brings Gu Mengmeng back to the tribe, he would be her first partner. The thought of this quirky little creature one day becoming his partner made Elvis grinn slightly, showing an evil but attractive smile.
He then untied the hide on his waist and wrapped it around Gu Mengmeng. He did not mind being naked himself, since everyone regardless of gender behaved like this in this world, but he would mind if someone else saw Gu Mengmeng. Just the thought of someone seeing the beautiful Gu Mengmeng made him felt suffocated, even wanting to dig out all the beasts 8217; eyes.
Being wrapped tightly, Gu Mengmeng lied in Elvis 8217;s arms, with only her clear big eyes showing. The male hormones on the hide made Gu Mengmeng 8217;s heart pound, and she even forgot what she was asking.
Which dynasty? Why does it matter?!
Having handsome men is key!
Elvis was satisfied at Gu Mengmeng 8217;s coveted look, with her clear eyes showing only his reflection. This made Elvis contented wholeheartedly. He had start to understand why those males became like idiots after mating, even if their partner asked them to die immediately, they would split open their chests without hesitation and cut their hearts out to offer to the females.
Comparing to the smile of the little girl, his life meant nothing.
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