Ultimate Leaf Blower Buying Guide

If leaves are giving one a hard time in their yard, then it is time to consider what equipment to use to remove them. For some racking does not do it and having a leaf blower is what will work in simplifying the moving of the leaves. If you want to purchase a leaf blower to clear out the leaves on your back yard what do you look out for? Below is an ultimate guide to buying one.

Leaf Blower Buying Guide

Type of blower

It is essential to consider the basics of a leaf blower as one plans to buy. First, there are threeeejerueieieei different kinds of blowers that one can consider buying. This includes the hand held which is held in the hands as one uses it. Secondly, we have the back pack leaf blower which is placed on one’s back as one uses it. Finally, we have the wheels leaf blower, which is made movable on wheels.

Weight and speed

The next aspect one needs to look at is the weight of the leaf blowers. Leaf blowers will vary in weight. One needs to consider the length of the job they plan to do and find a blower that will work for them. Secondly the speed of the blower matters, one needs to look at what they have in their yard, the landscaping details, flowers, and plants. One should choose a blower that has a variable speed that will not damage the plants and flowers. I love my black+decker leaf blower. For it achieves this aspect.

Blower source

Another aspect to consider is the type of blower source one wants. There are three types of leaf blowers power source. We have the battery powered leaf blowers which are powered by charged batteries. They allow one to move freely in their yard for there are no cables holding one back. The second type is the gasoline powered leaf blowers. These are the traditional type of blowers and are found to be the most popular. Lastly, we have the corded electric. These tend to be light in weight s they do not need their power source to be carried around. They also have a limited range for they have to be plugged into a power supply.

Power air flow force

This is an important aspect when one is planning to buy a leaf blower. This is usually measured by cubic feet per minute (CFM). Depending on where the leaves fall one will need different CFM powering. Removing leaves from grass will require a higher CFM as compared to removing from porches and pavements.

Noise levels

This is an essential element. Some leaf blowers can tend to be incredibly loud. Checking on this factor will help one buy a leaf blower whose noise levels one can handle.…